Occasionally grey hair can acquire a yellow tint; this can be avoided by choosing shampoos and conditioners that have been specially formulated for highlighted hair.

One morning, while I was making coffee in the break room at work, I overheard some coworkers congratulating our intern on her pregnancy. I went over to congratulate her too, and I asked her how far along she was. Thanks, Brittany! I‚ „m three months, she said. Another coworker said, I‚ „m sure Steve is very excited to be a soon-to-be dad. Jamie blushed and started smiling. She said,

Yes, he is. He took these pictures holding the ultrasound of the baby. As she opened her phone to show everyone the pictures, every nerve in my body started to vibrate. My hands got sweaty, and I felt a rush of panic brush through my body. I looked at her phone, and sure enough, it was Steve. It was my Steve, the man I had given my entire life to. It was the man I had given my heart, mind, body and soul to. It was the man I had made all my future plans with. It was the man I had grown to fall in love with. My Steve was going to be the father of Jamie‚ „s baby. My Steve had been in a completely different relationship all this time.


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