Cool Grey Brown FALL Smokey Eye Makeup

Okay guys so for today’s post. I have a cool fall makeup tutorial using grays, and browns I’m so excited to share with you guys so let’s go ahead, and get started so we’re starting off with primer of course I’m taking the Smashbox primer Iser just to hydrate the skin mainly on the elder portions of the face, and then for the center we’re gonna take the benefit Porefessional, and that’s just really gonna modify, and fill in the pores in the t-zone area mainly focusing on the nose, and like the inner cheeks part but also just bringing it all over the t-zone center of the face for foundation I’m using the Laura Mercier flawless fusion ultra long wear foundation super long name but I’m using it in the shade 3 w1 which actually matches me. I know in my first impression it didn’t match me. But I just realized in that that particularly week my tan was a nice dark but this is my shade now so it does work and I have been loving this foundation it just blends beautifully, and it just has a really nice finish for concealer you guys know the drill. I cannot get enough of this concealer this is the Tarte shape tape in the shade light/medium it’s going underneath the eyes, and also in the center kind of on the nose on the forehead, and on the Cupid’s bow, and chin and I am going to be blending out the center with the Beauty Blender but then you’ll notice.

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I switch over to the Sigma 3d HD sponge. Because I love that sponge for underneath the eye so taking the Kat Von D contour palette I’m just gonna go ahead, and take that center shade, and brighten, and set the under eye with it. I absolutely love love love this contour kit. I would definitely say it’s my fave the powders just blend beautifully and I love this shade it’s light enough, and it just really brightens up the Android beautifully I’m also gonna put it on the center too so moving on we’re gonna do some cream contouring i’m gonna use latte, and truffle from fenty beauty, and latte is gonna work as a really great kind of bronzer, and the shade truffle. I almost said the shade Fenty the shade truffle is gonna work as a great contour to add that extra definition like look at that oh. I love it so much so I’m also gonna go ahead, and set that bronze with the Mac give me Sun bronzer, and we’re just gonna put that all over and I also did do a little bit of extra contouring with the darker shade, and the kat von d palette, and I’m also contouring my nose a little bit with the Fenty lot a matchstick so for blush I’m taking the new blush kit from Anastacio. I love this it’s perfect for fall I’m taking this gorgeous Mavi brick shade, and I’m popping that on the cheeks this palette is beautiful for fall so if you’re a blush junkie you need it so to do a little bit of highlighting I’m taking the anasazi a liquid glow in peach fuzz. I really love this it’s quickly become one of my favorite liquid highlight so I’m just popping that on a sponge first, and then on the face it’s like my favorite way to apply it, and then. I am going to set that with a powder highlight which is the Nicole Guerrero, and Anastacio glow kit in glow getter it’s called glow Gator but every time. I just want to say glow getta so let me say look at it look at how beautiful that is I always have to admire my highlight in the viewfinder moving on to browse we’re taking the Anasazi a dipbrow, and also the Anasazi of brow powder both in the shade dark brown.

I’m just using the dip brow pomade to pretty much fill in the brows for them for the most part, and then I’m just gonna take the shadow to touch up the brow, and also to do the front of the brow this has been like my new fave brow technique, and then. I am setting that with the Loreal brow stylist in medium / dark, and also translucent moving on to the eyes I’ve just quickly priming my eyes with a little bit of the Tarte concealer that. I used already on the face, and I’m just blending that out, and I’m also setting it with some translucent powder moving on to the eyes we’re gonna be using a makeup geek eyeshadows today so I’m using Peach Smoothie first, and we’re just gonna pop this in the crease as a transition you’ll notice the theme for like today’s makeup tutorial for the eyes is to focus these shadows on the outer corner, and just really smoke out a bunch of cool tone shades, and browns so next we’re gonna be taking bandwagon this is such a beautiful like Mavi gray. I am just going to pop that in the crease, and really smudge it out, and smoke it out on the outer corner, and I’m not gonna be afraid to bring it underneath as well just to keep it. I don’t know it doesn’t have to be perfect like make it a bit messy rub it around don’t keep it perfect you want it to look smoky, and sultry, and with every shadow whatever is left over I’ll bring a little bit to the inner corner but for the most part we’re keeping it on the outer part so next. I am taking latte, and latte is a really nice darker version of like this cool toned neutral it’s really beautiful again. I am just smudging this on the outer corner but I’m kind of focusing it more just to really add that extra dimension this look just really consists of a lot of blending, and going over everything with the super big blending brushes, and then next we’re gonna be taking Barcelona Beach just add some extra definition, and deepen up the outer corner really make it look super smoky on the outer edge of the eye this is what’s gonna give it that super sultry like fall vibe. I love it I’m totally in love with how this look came out so like. I said we’re not bringing it much into the inner corner but you can just shade it in a little bit, and then next we are taking fudge, and this is just gonna add a little bit of brownie fudge eNOS this is from a Nastasia Beverly Hills.

So I am first just placing that on the outer corner, and then I’m going to dust off the shadow off my brush, and use the same brush to blend it out with no product on just so that you can actually blend it and I don’t take the shadow further than. I want it to be. I want it to stay in the outer corner, and buff it out so next. I am taking concrete jungle which is a straight up grey straight up grey. But I just wanted to put it in there just to add a little bit more coolness to the eye just a tad bit to add more tones, and then we’re just of course doing some more blending this little consists of a lot of blending so now for the under eye we’re taking the same exact shades we did to the top, and just reversing it, and doing it on the bottom but again we’re sticking with the pattern of keeping that smokiness, and that depth on the outer corner so you’re not gonna bring it in that much or keeping it on the outer, and then just kind of um bring it slightly to the inner part but again keeping the deepness, and the smokiness to the outer portion, and again just going everything in blending this is actually the morphe M 504 blending brush, and then we’re moving on to tight lining so I’m gonna take the dark black on the top, and then we’re gonna pop the brown on the bottom, and the brown is color pop, and kathleenlights mr. Bing, and again we’re just putting it on the outer portion, and then I’m gonna move on to mascara just to prep my lashes for falsies so for falsies. I put them on off-camera and I actually use SCE toh voila lashes and I think those are perfect because they really feather out towards the outer portion, and get like that cat eye effect so it matches the shadow so for the lips. I really wanted a deep dark neutral cool Brown so we’re taking Kylie’s true Brown Kay I’m absolutely obsessed with this rich deep dark brown lip with the smoky grey brown eyes. I really hope you guys love it as much as. I do if you are in the mood for some more fall tutorials don’t forget to give me a like thumbs up. Because I have a couple more ideas up my sleeve so like this post if you want to continue doing more fall makeup trails so yeah thank you guys so much for reading, and of course. I will see you guys in my next post bye guys.

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