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Choose the right products for your hair type, which will change throughout your life, depending on environmental factors, stress and dietary changes. If you have oily roots and dry ends, find a shampoo for oily hair and concentrate on lathering at the roots: the rest of your hair will still get clean.

It is better to learn something that makes you see how you do that and that will allow you to examine your own mind and see what you are doing. Thar is more important than just arbitrarily conceptualizing about where you should be going during your holiday or comparing and contrasting different situations. It is true that you are conceptualizing even here, but in this case, your conceptualization is to see how you are actually conceptualizing.

How do you move from conceptualization to actually experiencing truth? Through meditation; that is the only way to do it.

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Eventually concepts will dissolve because in meditation, we just simply be. First, you learn about it and then you sit and just be.

Concepts come and go and you just let them come and go. When you are doing meditation, there is no goal. If you think there is a goal to be achieved when you are meditating you are going to produce further vikalpa.

You might begin to torment yourself as well, saying, Im not doing it properly or Tm not succeeding.

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