Correct Cheek Makeup

Correct Cheek Makeup


For cheeks and lips, natural or artificial blush colors are used. Open values are much easier to control than deep ones. Work with people to determine natural placement. Blush can be high or low. Near the ear and close to the nose, it can be restricted to a small area or spread over most of the side. At the same time, make a note of the other areas that can show ready colors such as face nose, forehead and chin.
In preparing street makeup, ask yourself what color the character can choose, how much he will use, and where to put it.

1 First, pierce the bone. Then, with a medium or medium-sized brush, make sure that you are in a line of high radiation in the direction of the superior direction of your bone, just above your bones, where the light below is strong. Brush the top corner with a clean brush and soften the bottom corner as you style a cylinder very carefully.

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2 With a medium and medium-sized brush, lay half of the cheek bone in the shade color in the direction of the altar, the corner.

3 Soften the lower corner of the shadow with a clean brush. Then carefully soften the top corner of the shadow. Avoid a clear line between the two.

The extent to which the furrow has sunk and how your bone is protruding will depend on the intensity of the high light and the shadow. The wrinkles may be mild for younger makeup. For aging makeup, it can be very powerful.

Try some of the hundreds in your own archive. Then analyze your own face, try some makeup that you are sure is suitable for the character in your own face. Then put on your costumes with makeup and integrate them. Choose the items you choose very well. Do not use make-up materials that may damage the face.

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