Creating and Executing a Plan of Attack on a Low Budget

Music Marketing for the DIY Musician A new book by Bobby Borg

Bobby Borg

Musicians are typically strong at creating and playing music, but not adept at the business side, the money and the marketing. This has been a proven fact by top country stars to local and regional musicians just trying to create some supplemental income by playing music on weekends. Bobby Borg, the author of Music Marketing for the DIY Musician’, has an impressive list of credentials from current teaching duties at UCLA and the Musicians Institute to his personal music career and major label experience. His past books have included The Musicians Handbook’, now on its second revision it will be updated again in 2015 under ‘Business Basics for Musicians’, and his Musicians Crash Course’ DVD and CD.

On the front cover of the book it states Creating and Executing a Plan of Attack on a Low Budget’ which is usually the amount of money musicians have or less. There are a number of things

I like about the book, mainly that you

can tell Borg has developed this book, its concepts and implementation from real life experience. Frequently this kind of self-help musician books delve into more theory than action and are just boring. Borg has packed this book full of useful information and if the average musician just takes a hand full of these suggestions to heart and uses them they will be better off than most of their competitors.

The marketing principals in the book can be applied to almost anything in life and Bobby also lays out the exact templates he feels work the best. From Swot analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses or Threats) to SMART models (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Road-Mapped and Time-Based) these are great tools and all take into account the market place! Borg keeps the book very conversational so that it is presented in a step by step method covering everything from branding yourself, album placement and handling your fan club!

In Nashville especially, I see so many talented musicians and performers that move here to make it big with a naive belief that a big producer or record label will find them and make them a star. Unfortunately many of them return to their hometown with dashed dreams and little else to show for their creative endeavor. Borg’s book is a great manual for musicians to read before they bet it all on a music career. It keeps things real with the music and song writing but also keeps you entertained by sighting what performers like Madonna and Lady Gaga did.

Bobby practices what he preaches too, before I even had his book in my hand he sent me a full list of questions and answers on his book. I have never had an author provide that much insight that fast and I’m usually forced to drag detailsinformation out of them – if they will even make the time to discuss their book. Bobby was the opposite, but that also speaks to how well he distilled down 25 years of life experience in the music industry into a 343 page book.

This book could and should be used as a practical college course for any performers who are considering making it’ in the music industry. Failure is a great way to learn for all of us, but if you aren’t fully prepared when you chase your dream then did you really give it your best shot? Music Marketing for the DIY Musician’ may not make you the next Carrie Underwood, but it will certainly increase your odds and make you smarter along the way! The book is available through Amazon or Eric Dahl

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