Criss Cross Pig Tail Braids Hairstyle

Hey guys welcome to our blog my blog for those who don’t know us my name is Kari this is my daughter Gracie now this blog is all about learning new. And different hairstyles. So if this is your first time here we would love for you to comment.

Criss Cross Pig Tail Braids Hairstyle Photo Gallery

And if you’re already a commentr we thank you. So much. And we love you today we’re gonna be showing you guys the crisscross pigtail braids.

So let’s get started, I went ahead. And sectioned her hair in the middle. And put her ponytail here on this side.

And secured another ponytail on this side from the top of her head to the front of her hip, I’m going to take this ponytail. And put it into three equal parts okay. So with these three parts, I’m going to go ahead.

And braid each one of them, I’m just gonna do a regular braid, I’m gonna just temporarily secure them off when the LES again you do the same thing here okay. So now, I have three of the braids on this side, I’m gonna do the same thing over on this side making three braids with this ponytail right here okay now that, I have all three braids on each side, I’m gonna go. And just write down just the middle part of our hairs down here.

And, I’m going to split this part here down the middle what you want to do with these braids here is you take them. And you’re going to weave them through you’re going to crisscross them. So the very first one is closest to each other right here you’re gonna take the left break over the right braid then take this braid.

And bring it over the left braid then this spray under the left braid just like that now you’re going to take this one over here this one. And bring this one under this time then over then under that. And again the last one over under move like a pattern just gonna have a nice little pattern like this okay.

So now that you have that you’re going to go ahead. And take this one side here make sure that you have it to where you want it mean the braids. And the bottom of this hair together into an elastic band.

And then same thing over here now you can just go ahead. And release these. And unravel all the braids okay.

I’m just gonna go ahead. And just hide our elastic band just an accessory. So put a little hairspray.

And that’s all there is to it final spin thank you. So much for reading we hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you find value AF please leave a comment down below don’t forget to give a thumbs up it’s a little bit below. So you don’t miss any of our upcoming tutorials don’t forget to rate.

And teach about others right.

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