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Aside for my June favorites, and yes my hair color is different. I ended up going back to something very similar to what. I had before. I did the brunette in my hair and, I’ll actually really happy with it you know it was good to experiment good to try going a little darker, and now. I let my color fade out, and it was that kind of crazy red color, and then we just kind of neutralized the red I’ll. So I didn’t lift my hair Id it, and stripping or anything. I just neutralized the red that wasn’t it, and we put in a couple new heights. Because. I also cut three inches off my hair cut. I was very needed. So let’s go ahead, and get started with my June favorites hey. So my first makeup favorite is this benefit fake up concealer oh my goodness um. I got this that. I didn’t use it for a long time, and then Lisa Eldridge used it in a post. And I was like hey. I own that. I should try that again, and what. I love about it is that it’s a medium coverage concealer with a ring of moisturizer around it and. So I don’t actually use this um when, I’ll doing a full face of makeup on. I use of force almost like a stick BB cream if that makes any sense. I put it on the areas where. I need some coverage. So under my eyes, and all my nose, and around my mouth, and then. I blend it out, and then. I just put a powder over it, and that’s it for whenever. I want to have a little bit of makeup on but. I don’t want a full face of makeup my face still looks really nice it looks really finished, and polished. So I could get away with doing that if. I wanted to UM even if. I needed to look more made up it looks really nice, and finished which is nice.

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So if you’re looking for a really nice Dewey um moisturizing kind of waking up concealer the is a really good one just. Because it looks. So nice, and with skin next favorite is a foundation it’s the LOreal true match people been talking about this forever, I’ll like one of the last people to try it. And I really like it for some reason. I didn’t try it. Because. I thought. I was going to be low shine, and goopy, and it’s not at all. I don’t know where. I got that idea it’s a very water-based very light you put it on you don’t feel it dries down really quickly, and its really nice. I like the way that it reflects light back, and it looks like skin, and it’s really easy to wear you don’t feel like you’re wearing foundation which is really great. I think it’s best for normal to combination skin on skin that has dry patches it does stick to those dry patches. So you see them you just have to make sure that you’ve exfoliated well before you wear the space sickly, and it’s not super absorbent. So really oily skin you might not love this as much anyway the is my new favorite foundation. I haven’t even touched my Revlon Color stay in like two months now. I really view the post of this one. So my next mega favorite is also a face product, and it is the Mac mineralize skin finish, I’ve seen these in. So many YouTube posts. And I was really curious. So I finally tried one. And I got it in light. And I really like this up. Because it doesn’t look like powder on the skin it just gives a nice really pretty porcelain without being matte finished, and with the true match foundation it looks. So nice it’s what, I’ll wearing right now actually um. And I just really like it looks at just perfect to me honestly it’s the exact finish that. I want my skin to have. Because. I don’t like do me like. I like to look. I mean. I like to have my highlighter but. I don’t like flick sticky like if you were to blow like little pieces of paper Robbie they would stick to my face not cute um but. I also don’t like to look like super mad like a chalkboard. I like somewhere in between that. And I feel like this gets me there lets you have a nice natural finish but it is also polished as well. So that’s what. I love about this. And I feel like for those of you who really hate powders this would definitely be a good option you could at least go by, and swatch it at the MAC counter, and see what you think. Because it’s amazing. I really love it.

So now onto hair, I’ve actually just been really happy with my hair here all the stuff that, I’ve talked about over the last couple months, I’ll still using, and still loving what. I have added into my routine has been this thing that toffee from glam life guru mainly by thanks take um, and it’s the LOreal Paris total repair five damaged erasing balm, and she mentioned this, and actually the reason that. I went out, and bought it is. Because. I want all of her posts. I freaking love her mum. And I noticed her hair was looking a lot shinier as well for newer posts, and then she talked about this, and talked about how. I was making her hair look better. And I was like, I’ll buying it, I’ll buying it now um and. So I went up, and got it on the web, and its revolutionary it is literally the best hair product. I have ever tried from the drugstore. I cannot give this enough thumbs up it is out of this world amazing it’s only six dollars seriously go try it go get it from like CVS. Because then you can take it back if you hate it but seriously oh my gosh like. I use this once. And I was like oh my gosh is this still my hair like the is that even this feels amazing. And I just like putting my hair all day long it’s. So good. I don’t have enough words but it’s perfect. So it’s just a deep conditioner you put it on let it sit on your hair smells good, and then you wash it out, and then your hair feels awesome. So, I’ve been using that a bit continuing to use my fake glossing cream, and between the two of these my hair is. So ft when. I got my hair color yesterday this says was like oh my gosh what are you using on your hair like what are you doing to make it feel like this. And I was like these two cut they’re amazing. So I have a random favorite, I’ve been working out a lot this month. And I don’t even know. I just. I started trying to consistently work out, and then. I got addicted to working out. So I work out almost every day just. Because. I like it, and it’s not like hardcore. I only work out like minutes. So, I’ll not really that tough but. I got these like a year ago and, I’ve been using them a lot lately, and their little yoga gloves, and basically they are kind of half gloves. So you still have your fingertips to use, and then they have grip ease right here. So that you don’t slip out of your poses, and that’s really helpful to me. Because after about minutes or minutes of yoga my hands start to get a little bit like sweaty, and slippery, and then. I slipped out of my poses and, I’ll not able to open up, and do as much as. I want to. So putting little gloves on actually helps me a lot. Because, I’ll able to grip the floor better, and still be able to go through my poses without having to worry about falling, and slipping, and busting my nose on my yoga mat or something like that. So these have been awesome. I found them at Ultra whenever. I got them originally like two years ago on but they also sell at whole foods. And I do have grippe socks that. I wear sometimes too if, I’ll going to be doing an extra long workout but you can buy stocks that have grips on them anywhere um you don’t want to get the specific ones for yoga if any of you guys really like yoga or palates, and you find yourself slipping a little bit kind of like me these are really helpful just want to tell you what about that youtuber of the month. I forgot to do this last month. And I felt really bad about it um, I’ll actually going to do my favorite fitness stuff. Because. I get a lot of questions on like my life fitness advice after. I did the one post on how.

I lost weight, and stuff like that and. So I thought. I you guys to some really good places to learn. Because, I’ll not always the best place for all that information. Because, I’ll not as educated as some other people that are on the internet. So here’s what you should check out if you’re interested in getting some like fitness posts from YouTube that are free easy to do you need minimal to no equipment to do them Bloviates here on YouTube she does Pilates posts she’s amazing upbeat hilarious. I freaking love her actually use for posts when. I was getting ready for my wedding that’s how much. I love them, and she helped me. So much to get back in shape, and toned, and she has great um clean eating advice as well she’s been putting up recipe posts that have been super helpful even with my food allergies. I can eat a lot of the stuff that she’s putting a lot out there. So I think it’s awesome. And I think you guys should definitely go check her out if you do comment on like her newest post it’s all her that. I sent you. Because. I love her. I think she’s amazing um the next one that you should check out is tone it up, and it’s two girls Karina Katrina they’re certified nutritionist, and um physical nope not physical therapists personal trainers yeah, and they have great posts on great workout posts great diet posts they also have a workout DVD, and a meal plan if you want to buy that but if you just want their free stuff they have a lot of free information available on their my blog as well that’s really freaking good, and then the third one if you like yoga is Sadie Nardini, and her my blog she has like posts.

But. I only use about six of them. So, I’ll probably list like my favorite yoga workouts from her. Because it’s kind of hard to scroll through her my blog but she has great yoga flows. And I think they’re amazing as vinyasa yoga. So it actually makes you breathe, and get your heart going as well, and it’s not just about like stretching it’s also about engaging your muscles, and strengthening which. I love. Because. I don’t want to just sit there, and stretch for an hour. I want to actually get something done. So she is amazing stuff there. I love it. So you guys should definitely check that out if you love yoga as well for the three YouTube my blog. So you have to check out if you’re super into working out or if you want to just try a couple things, and you don’t want to have to spend money or buy anything. Because you can do a lot of these it’s just a yoga mat or a towel. So definitely check out. Because they’re awesome the last thing you have to check out if you’re interested in creating a healthy lifestyle, and really getting into working out, and building your muscles, and just creating the healthiest you that you can is nerd fitness com oh my gosh like. I found it about two weeks ago. And I think, I’ve read the entire site already. I really love it there’s. So much great information there, and it’s. So helpful just to kind of help you to understand on kind of dieting myths vs. was actually true, and it helps you kind of get a better idea of how to go about creating a healthy lifestyle, and there’s just a ton of information there but it’s presented in a really easy to read really concise way. So I think it’s really great resource for any of you guys who are just getting into trying to eat more healthfully especially a lot of you guys have been asking me for advice, and stuff like that. I think that’s a great place to go, I’ll learning a lot from there and, I’ll sure if. I was to make a post for you guys. I would just be repeating what. I learned from there. So really go check out near fitness com it’s amazing and, I’ll done that’s it. I hope you guys have enjoyed this, I’ll see you my next post.

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