The following pages provide a guide to various diet ideas that are based on the benefits of natural foods. These diet ideas are not remedies or treatments please consult a medical practitioner for a diagnosis and advice. The main aim of these diet ideas is to show how natural foods in the daily diet contribute specific nutrients or ingredients that may provide improved health benefits, when taken regularly. In most cases, natural foods are recognised as being safe and essential for human health. As the research on natural foods continues, more benefits seem to be discovered.

In this era, factories are manufacturing food products that are nearly always based on natural foods. This food processing is basically all about profit (advertising costs are just a tax deduction!). Colourful, shiny packets with finely sliced potato, cooked oils, free radicals, salt and flavours provide no health benefits and cost the earth. Factory foods take the place of the real thing: properly prepared natural meals that can be quick, simple, cheap, nutritious and delicious!


If we forget the art of using natural foods, and let our tastebuds be dictated to by advertising, packaging, additives, flavourings, cooked oils, takeaways, drive-ins and fast foods, our society and future generations of processed fast-food addicts are likely to end up with recurrent health problems. Is that worth all the temporary taste stimulation from a repetitive intake of 2-minute meals and fastacting sugar drinks? Natural foods provide all human nutritional needs and they are presented in unique packages. Natural foods are the undisputed king of nutrition and queen of generous health benefits.

This blog provides over 200 different meal ideas that are all full of flavour, nutritional benefits and positive future health benefits.

Discover a new meal idea: prepare yourself with a shopping list of natural foods, based on the recipe ideas in section entitled as Chapter 7Z. Most recipes take less time to make than a trip to the drive-through; waiting in the queue with the smells of car exhaust and paying through the nose for packaging with a lifespan of 5 minutes.

NOTE: All amounts in this blog are measured in milligrams (mg) per 100 grams, unless stated otherwise.

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