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anielle Armstrong will be glued to Im A Celeb this year “ not only is her TOWIE co-star Ferne McCann tackling the Bushtucker Trials, but her good pal and new! columnist Vicky Pattison is in there too! While everyones expecting the two feisty reality TV stars to have it out in camp “ as new! revealed last week they fell out when Vicky dated Fernes ex Charlie Sims “ Dani, 27, believes theyll form a friendship. Well see about that! Dani, who has just finished filming the current series of the hit ITVBe show, is feeling in a reflective mood as we settle down for our chat.

She recently started dating James Lock, 28, again, after splitting from him for the second time earlier this year. But she assures us she is still very much single “ and shes totally in control of their future Hi Dani! Are you worried that Vicky and Ferne will clash in the jungle? I guarantee theyll get on. Vicky is so down-toearth and likes people who entertain her, and I know Ferne will do that. I think itll be fine. Vicky went on a date with Fernes ex, Charlie.

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Do you think itll be brought up? Knowing Vicky, she might just say, Listen, lets get it over with. Charlie and Ferne werent together at the time and it was nothing. I just hope they dont end up both fancying the same guy in there! Whats going on with James at the moment? Were dating, but were both single. If he met someone tomorrow, Id be gutted, but I wouldnt be able to say he cheated. Were taking things slowly. I overthink things and as soon as you get intimate again its easy to be like, Where are you going? What are you doing? But Im trying to keep things nice between us. Do you think youll get closer to James over Christmas? Its tricky.

Everyone talks about having a winter boyfriend but Im so busy! We hardly have time to see each other as it is. Well see How did you feel when James said you were partly to blame for your split? You know us girls, we always think were right! I was like, You were the a***hole, I was the perfect girlfriend! I could have been a bit more chilled out. Ill say I had 20 per cent to do with it. We saw him be quite aggressive towards you before the split. Has he changed? Thats why Im being careful. Hes calmed down a bit but he still has a long way to go.

Hes basically on trial and he doesnt even know it! Did it hurt more when you broke up the second time around? When we first broke up, it was early days, we didnt love each other. But this time we lived together. I thought we were in a good place. The rows and the aggression hurt me more. Do you think your miscarriage has anything to do with why youll always be so close? Everything that could have happened in our relationship did. The cheating, the miscarriage I feel thats why we have more of a mutual respect for each other because he knows what Ive been through. I couldnt imagine moving on with someone on TOWIE in front of James because of that respect.

Lucy Mecklenburgh and Mario Falcone were engaged and then she dated Tom Pearce. I couldnt do that. Christmas is around the corner. Hows your fitness routine going? [Sighs] Its hard because of filming “ we eat badly and cant be bothered to make healthy things. Who doesnt eat chocolate at Christmas? Ill start in January “ with everybody else! Do you want to lose weight or are you happy? I think its bad for girls to put pressure on themselves.

I know when my jeans dont fit and, if they dont, I just cut down a bit. I hate this industry where everyone feels they have to be dead thin. I have big thighs and a big bum and theyre never going to go. Im thankful to the Kardashians “ if it wasnt for them, Id be considered a curvy plus

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