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Anyone who knows me knows I love a good Christmas album and this is the icing on the cake!

Darius Rucker’s wholesome soulful voice brings a delightful sound to the classic Christmas tunes of Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow ar\d Winter Wonderland to name just a few on HOME FORTHE HOLIDAYS. This successful country music artist tackles these fabulous Christmas songs with passion and enthusiasm and the outcome is a collection of songs you could put on play forthe whole family to enjoy at Christmas time.

The first Christmas album forthe singer, also features Sheryl Crow on Baby It’s Cold Outside, in all her alluring glory, and produced by Frank Rogers who produced all three of Darius’ solo albums, the quality of this record is beautiful.

A song I’d definitely suggest you take pleasure in enjoying is You’re A Mean OneMrGrinch, but the wholealbum runs with a blues and jazzy vibe matched with his wonderful country charm, perfect for telling a Christmas song. If you’re looking atthose standard Christmas compilations this year, give them a missand pickthisoneup instead! It’s pure Christmas joy through and through! Laura Bethell


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