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Strictly Come Dancing 2016

Helen George, Jake Wood and Jay McGuiness are just some of the celebs from this hit TV series taking part in this sequin-filled dance extravaganza. Nationwide, 22 Jan – 14 Feb 2016. Strictlycomedancinglive.com

here’s nothing David Walliams can’t do with fancy dress, and this is one of our particular favourite looks: The overalls, those super-white teeth, that perm…

The hour-long spesh of Billionaire Boy (adapted from Mr W’s best-selling children’s book) is one of the jewels in the Beeb’s festive scheduling this year, following the story of Len who makes a billion pounds inventing the âœBum Fresh❠toilet roll (wet on one side, dry on the other) – and his 12-year-old son Joe, who appears to have everything – but what he really needs is a friend. Walliams is Mrs Trafe – a dinner lady at Joe’s school, described as âœdirty and old and dreadful at cooking.❠David says: âœShe makes things like chilled pilchard soup – but she’s an ally

of Joe, even though she ends up asking him for money.❠Catherine Tate, Warwick Davis and John Thompson also pop up, with David adding:

âœThe cast is brilliant, and we’re hoping for a family audience.

I do know some grown-ups who like the books; I read children’s books myself – they’re my guilty pleasure.â

And what would the fabulous Mr Walliams spend a billion quid on, given half a chance?

He chuckles: âœIf you gave it all to charity it would give you the best feeling, but it would be fun to have some toys like private jets and boats as well…â

How excited are you to be playing Tinker Bell?

I’ve been nicknamed Tinker Bell for most of my life – it was a pet name for me when I was a kid. Peter Pan is one of those things you just grow up with.

She is meant to have âœbags of attitude❠– does that sound about right…?

I was playing myself! I have -believe it or not – quite a bossy streak, so I tapped into that. Everything naughty that Tinker Bell says is muted out with bells, so I could do a lot of ad-libbing.

My scenes were filmed against a green screen – in a big studio to make everything giant for me.

Singer Paloma Faith will be donning her fairy wings to play Tinker Bell in ITV’s new Peter Pan drama. Paloma, 33, talks flying, being grown-up – and wanting kids…

What about your accent?

I just overemphasised my London twang – I thought it was appropriate to be a proper Londoner because it’s set in the heart of the city, with the link to Great Ormond Street Hospital [a young girl awaits treatment for a serious heart condition and is read the story of Peter Pan the night before her operation].

Were the flying scenes fun?

I enjoyed it for about five minutes until it started hurting. But no pain, no gain and it was fine.

I interpreted the character as being a bit tom-boyish, so I was



What are you getting under the tree this year?

David: I don’t know! I normally just ask for inexpensive things like a book. T here’s a new biography by [poet and children’s writer] Ted Hughes that I’d quite like. What will you be watching on telly?

D: Myself, mainly. And I really like a James Bond film in the morning – because they always put one on – and a Carry On film late at night.

I watch the Queen’s Speech too. I look forward to that.

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