Demi vs permanent hair color

It’s the whole validated from within‚ part that I have struggled with. When I straighten my hair I don’t feel validated. I feel ashamed and guilty afer spending nearly two hours pressing to only have my hair revert back anyway. The times I straighten are also suspect. I only flat iron my hair for ‹“special occasions’ like weddings, concerts and parties, only at events where I want to feel special and look beautiful. Why does it need to be straight for me to feel special? When I color my hair I feel more refined and without any feelings of guilt. It is a strange paradox. In order to feel validated from within and uphold my true definition of Naturally Fine I need to embrace myself, kinks and all, regardless if I am at wedding or not. We’ve been told for too long that our coils aren’t good enough, why perpetuate this myth further as we go deeper into our natural hair journey?

Perhaps there will come a time when I won’t care if my hair is flat ironed. Afer all, my hair makes up only 5% of my complete package right? In the meantime I’ve decided to hide my flat iron for now.

Epilogue I Love My Beauty…FULL‚

One of the saddest things that I have witnessed on my natural journey was during an episode of a popular television show, a show that depicts the lives of wealthy black housewives. During this particular episode the housewives were vacationing in the motherland, Africa, taking time out to be one with their roots and get back to sisterhood. In between gourmet breakfasts and lunches, parading around in their sky-high Louboutins they decided to practice the art of giving and visit a local orphanage with a truckload of much needed supplies.

One of the housewives mentioned that they could not forget to stock up on relaxer kits because they could not let those poor girls walk around with that god-awful nappy hair.

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