Dental Implants on The Road

One morning very early my parents chased us out of bed, it was like two in the morning and they made it sound very important. They told us to get dressed and get in the car with no real explanation. As we pulled out of the driveway and headed down the road into the darkness of the night I asked them what is going. They looked at each other, smiled and said that it is a surprise. My brother and I were both curious and couldnt stop wondering what it was and plagued them with questions. However, our parents refused to tell us and eventually we both fell asleep in the back seat of the car.

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When we awoke, we had stopped at Union Square, we were excited, yet, still didnt know what to expect. We got out, stretched our legs and headed towards a bus. Once on the bus, our adventure began.

This bus turned out to be a chocolate tour bus and man, we were in teenager heaven. We stopped at a variety of different chocolate shops. Yet, these werent your average shops where you merely buy chocolates. No, these actually manufacture chocolates and we could taste a variety of different ones. I must say, it was the best and worst day of my entire life.

We saw the entire process of making chocolates from the raw materials such as beans and then turned into the most delicious chocolates you will ever find. The chocolate cake we ate at the chocolate room was simply mouth-watering and you could live on it, except, it may make you gain some weight if you tried to do that.

By the time our tour stopped at the Statue of Liberty, both my brother and I were feeling quite ill. I am sure this was due to the mountains of chocolates we consumed earlier. Yet, if we had to do it all over, we would do it all the same again, even the amounts of chocolates.

We got off the bus at Valentino Pier and stood for a couple of minutes just admiring the amazing view. Suddenly I felt my stomach turn and knew everything was soon going to be coming up and out my mouth. I looked around frantically, searching for a bathroom before I build chocolate pizzas on the walkway. My eye caught a sign showing the bathrooms and I started to run towards it without thinking or even talking to anyone.

I was about halfway there when I felt my foot hooking on something and I saw the ground entering my view extremely quickly. My stomach turned again and then it was too late. Except for building a chocolate pizza in front of everyone there, embarrassing myself and my parents, I also hit my mouth so hard that I lost two teeth. Soon we had a chocolate pizza covered with tomato sauce. Well, thats what I thought anyway as my parents assisted me to my feet and in the middle of this puddle lay my two front teeth.

Using a serviette my mother collected my teeth and we headed to the nearest dentist office. After the dentist cleaned my teeth and my mouth out, he examined them closely. He sat back in his chair looked at my mother and said in a friendly voice: Well, Mam, these cant be put back but we can give her dental implants.

In the meantime, my dad and brother completed the bus trip and has come with our car to meet us at the dentist office. My dad and mom discussed the issue at hand and then asked me if this was something I wanted to do. I thought this was ridiculous, did they really think I would be fine walking around with two missing front teeth?

No, I wouldnt, I wanted the teeth.

The dentist told us that it was a longish process and he would have to see me a couple of times. First, they would insert the implant posts and once this has integrated into my jawbone, they could mold and fit the teeth onto those. This all sounded good to me and within a couple of weeks, I had my new teeth.

Even though I loved the trip and hated it at the same time, I would gladly do it all again.

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