Dermatitis Eczema


Dermatitis and eczema are general terms used to describe a variety of inflamed or irritated skin conditions characterized by redness, flaky skin, rashes and itching, which in turn can lead to blisters, weepy sores and scabs.

The cause of the problem can vary – though many forms of dermatitis are associated with hereditary allergic tendencies, especially to certain foods (notably dairy or wheat products). Another form, known as contact dermatitis, is the result of the skins hypersensitivity to an external irritant such as a type of detergent or cosmetic, or to dust, wool or some other substance. It is ofen very difficult to identify the cause, because the reaction may appear some time after the initial contact, or the skin may suddenly react adversely to a familiar substance. In all cases, however, mental stress or other emotional factors tend to aggravate or trigger an attack.


It may be necessary to experiment with different essential oils and types of treatment due to the individual nature of these types of skin problems.

Apply pure lavender oil to the affected area.

For larger areas, make up a 1 per cent lavender gel or non-oily cream (see instructions page) and apply to the affected area twice daily.

Add 8-10 drops of lavender oil to the bath water.

Other measures: try to identify and remove possible causes of irritation; assess and improve the emotional environment if possible; the essential oils of chamomile, tea tree, melissa, neroli and bergamot (bergapten-free) are also beneficial for skin complaints of this type – either used individually or in combination, employed in the bath or in creams/gels.

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