Designer Duo Margaux Beja With Her Partner Thomas Pujol

Parisians seem to be born with the knack of creating laid-back, effortless style in a way that’s almost impossible to achieve beyond the 20th arrondissement. Interior designer Margaux Beja is one of those ridiculously chic locals; her apartment, located in the heart of the French capital, takes its cue from the uncomplicated elegance of the surrounding streets. Faced with a blank canvas when she first moved in, Beja called on the skills she acquired at L’École Bleue, a prestigious school of interior design and architecture in Paris. ‘At school, we were constantly hammering this rule in any project that there must be a strong element to the design,’ says Beja, referring to a solid Moroccan walnut wall in her flat. Its purpose? ‘It keeps everything hidden,’ she explains. ‘It separates and conceals the bathroom, toilet, laundry and bedroom.

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Beja, who lives with her partner and fellow designer Thomas Pujol, chose a strong monochrome palette punctuated with chrome and walnut touches, which give the space a rustic edge. Like most Parisian apartments, this home is best text C L É M E N C E L E B O U L A N G E R photographs R O M A I N R I C A R D Practical and stylish, this interior designer’s compact Parisian flat is a little raw, a little bit industrial and totally cool for two ROOM Designer duo Margaux Beja with her partner, Thomas Pujol ABOVE AND RIGHT To create an illusion of space, Beja opted for a monochrome palette enhanced by wood described as ‘cosy with a side of intimate’, so she focused on space-saving features.

‘In our previous apartment, there was no storage so that was important for me to take into account,’ she says. Making the most of the small space, the apartment is completely open-plan, save for a glass wall between the bedroom and living area. ‘Whether I’m in the kitchen, dining room or bedroom, I wanted to be able to see straight through,’ says Beja. ‘I didn’t want anything to obstruct the flow.’ The Beja apartment, like the projects she undertakes, reflects her signature interest in the raw, natural and textured – resolutely contemporary and minimalistically chic.

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