Diet Lunch

The recipes in the lunch section are designed to give you a burst of energy to keep your focus on high. Youll find simple recipes that will make lunch time easy and stress free.

Easy Ketogenic Lunch Salad.

This salad makes for a very fast, filling lunch. Youll be enjoying it in no time. Ingredients:

Two cups of lettuce.

One tomato, chopped.

One quarter of a cucumber, sliced.

Half an avocado sliced or chopped.

One slice of bacon, fried.

Half a hard-boiled egg.

Olive oil to top.

A pinch of salt and pepper to season Method:

1. Chop all vegetables as desired.

2. Fry some bacon.

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(Refrigerate the slices you dont use)

3. Boil some eggs.

4. Use half of a peeled egg for this salad, save the others for later.

5. Top the salad with a generous amount of olive oil.

6. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and a small amount of other herbs if so desired.

7. Eat the salad right away, or pack and consume on the go.

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