Discovery of Hormone Likely

We have pointed out that many scientists working on this problem are endeavoring to discover the hormone or group of hormones presumably missing in the person suffering from diseases of the heart and blood vessels, so that they may be supplied by pill or injection.

It is likely that before long a particular hormone or group of hormones involved in these diseases may be discovered, and like insulin in diabetes or cortisone and ACTH in arthritis will be obtainable in the form of a pill or injection.

Furthermore, just as insulin in diabetes or cortisone and ACTH in arthritis, this new remedy may provide a certain measure of relief. It should, however, be evident that just as in diabetes and arthritis the relief will be only of a temporary nature, since only when the underlying causes of disease are removed or checked can thorough results be obtained.

For permanent and real correction, the factors that contribute to a breakdown or distortion of metabolism must be removed or corrected, and only such care as helps to restore normal functioning can be of value. These changes cannot be brought about through the supply of a particular hormone or set of hormones; but only through the removal or correction of all the influences that cause deficiencies, impair the functions of the glands, and create a chemical imbalance in the organism.

Even where the breakdown is already far advanced and complete correction is no longer possible, it is still imperative that these changes be instituted since only a program that removes the destructive influences and promotes rebuilding will arrest the progress of the disease and restore a measure of health and well-being.

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