DIY Sequin Hair Bow

I might beautiful friends how are you doing today I’m gonna show you how to make this beautiful sequin hair bow super easy to do and literally will take you a few minutes.

So let’s begin. So the first thing I’m gonna do here is just measure seven inches on my sequin tape and cut it and then do it one more time next thing I’m going to take the hot glue gun and start spreading the glue on the inner side of the sequin tape and then fold the tape and just press on it. So you have one side of the ball ready now let’s do the exact same thing on the second piece of this secret tape and be careful with your fingers because the hot glue is hot and folded and press on it tada now what I’m going to do is measure another piece of sequin that’s gonna hold the two together and wrap it around and then cut it that what I’m gonna do is do the same thing here to take it we’ll spread it all over the inner side and, I wrap it around is to the next step is going to be attaching the boat to the little hair clip part and I’m gonna put it diagonally to the part that’s over the second part.

DIY Sequin Hair Bow Photo Gallery

So as you can see here there’s two parts of sequence train. So take the hot glue spread it onto the clip now we’re gonna attach it just press on it. So you know it’s nice and firm there what I’m gonna do next here is I’m gonna take my needle and a thread and I’m gonna sew two parts of this hair clip.

So the parts that have a little hole here start from the back. So bring the nail through the back and then through one of the sequence. So it until it’s nice and firm at this point I’m going to take my scissors and just cut the ends and then make a knot here okay and then I’m gonna do the exact same thing on this side now if you don’t know how to sew don’t panic just ask one of your friends are you know your mom or one of your relatives to help you out and maybe you’ll learn how to do it too and make sure to be careful and not freak yourself and if you see any loose threads just make sure to get rid of them now and your bow is ready thank you.

So much for tuning in please let me know how you like this post down below like and comment down below as well and when you recreate the Sakuni hair bow make sure to post it on your Instagram with e hair hashtag our favorites that are always featured on our Instagram thank you. So much for tuning in, I love you guys and I’ll see you soon.

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