Do clinics often get booked up in advance pregnancy?

Do clinics often get booked up in advance pregnancy?

Whether you are an NHS or a private patient, you should always assume that you will have to wait for your first appointment at a fertility clinic. Plan ahead because some consultants have long waiting lists, even in the private sector. And remember, too, that if you decide to have IVF, you may not be able to start straight after your initial appointment because there may be other tests you have to undergo.

What questions should we ask at the first clinic appointment pregnancy?

You need to be fully prepared when you go to your first consultation at the clinic you have chosen. Take your time with the consultant – remember, you are the client who is paying for his or her advice, and you have a right to ask any questions that you want and to get clear answers to them. Get a rough idea of the time element: when tests will be done, when treatment would start, when future appointments might be, so that you can plan ahead accordingly. And make sure all costs are broken down for you so that you are not taken by surprise by an unexpected bill half way through the treatment.

If you have doubts about the clinic after your first appointment, consider going to see a second one, if only to put your mind at rest. It is vital that you are entirely happy with the clinic and comfortable with the staff who will be looking after you because you need to have the utmost faith in the team and in the treatment they are proposing. At the end of the initial appointment, you need to come away feeling really positive, and knowing exactly what you will be doing and why.

Once preliminary tests are under way with your GP, you will be referred to a fertility clinic to discuss your treatment choices.

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