Do emotions play a part in the success of IVF treatment pregnancy?

Do emotions play a part in the success of IVF treatment pregnancy?

In Chinese medicine (133), thoughts and emotions have a huge impact on the body and, without doubt, the two main negative emotions that people suffer from when they are going through IVF are fear and guilt.

Fear, in particular, plays a large part in IVF treatment. There is the fear that women and their partners experience about telling other people, as well as the fear about how to handle other people’s opinions (157). There are the fears about what the treatment actually involves, about what effect the drugs will have on the woman’s physical and mental health, and about what effect the treatment will have on the couple’s relationship. Finally, there is the fear for many women that this is their final chance at parenthood, and that if it doesn’t work they will have exhausted all the options.

Guilt – perhaps because you feel you have let down your partner or failed in some way – is the other dominant emotion for many women going through IVF. If this is a major issue and is dominating your thoughts too much, I

advise you to seek professional help to help you realize that guilt should not play the part it does in your life. Men also express how guilty they feel, particularly if the reason that IVF or ICSI is needed is related to an issue with sperm.

They often feel quite helpless watching their partner go through invasive treatments to counteract their‚ problem.

I believe that it is possible to counteract fear and guilt: you need to see that the science of IVF is very much working for you, and that it is important to trust what the medical staff are doing, and do everything you can, including using relaxation techniques, and eating and living healthily, to contribute positively to your treatment. And the more you prepare yourself emotionally, the less energy you will waste on negative, destructive thoughts, and the more psychologically and physically resilient you will be.

Do you have any last-minute tips for me before I start treatment pregnancy?

One week before you start IVF, I recommend couples to sit down and review the situation. Remember, you might not both be at the same stage at this point. A

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