Do We Need Private Treatment Or Can We Get Help On The Nhs Pregnancy?

Do we need private treatment or can we get help on the NHS pregnancy?

It saddens me to say this but the reality is that, in the NHS system, the waiting times for any further investigations (and this is irrespective of whether you decide to pursue IVF) can vary from area to area and may be as long as six to nine months. You may well not wish to wait that long. A private consultation with a gynaecologist, rather than seeing your GP as a first port of call, possibly followed by having the intial tests done privately, can save you a lot of time.

It can work out that, if you find something is wrong with you or your partner, you can go straight back into the NHS for treatment, armed with the results of the tests, which can often be the most time-consuming part of seeking help. And if you are then going on to try IVF treatment on the NHS, you will also have saved time by getting the tests done while you are on the NHS waiting list for your treatment.

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