Do you need Teach Yourself Managing Stress?

Some people seem to cope better with stress than others. This is because we are different. Our upbringing and personality largely determine our attitudes and expectations. This determines the way we individually deal with the challenges and demands of life. However, we can all benefit from learning more about stress and how to handle it. Admitting to yourself or others that you are suffering from stress is not a sign of weakness. Neither is it a weakness to seek help. Taking lessons to pass the advanced motorist test is not an admission that you are a bad driver but simply that you want to be a better, more effective driver. So, in the same way, learning how to manage, handle and cope with stress means you simply want to improve yourself and to be more effective in the things you do.

Stress is part and parcel of change. Change in our lives means variety. Variety is the spice and sparkle of life. Change also inevitably brings challenges, demands and possible threats. We can all succeed in living a happier, healthier and more successful life, whatever our current state, if we learn how to handle these demands, challenges and threats more effectively. To do this we must firstly learn how our bodies respond to stress. We must be able to identify the potential sources of stress and we should learn how stress can affect our health and performance.

You would not be alone in feeling that you are suffering from stress. Today, at least three-quarters of those who visit their doctor have a stress-related complaint and many doctors now consider that a significant number of illnesses and diseases are stress-related in some way. Unfortunately, doctors often do not have time to talk through stress-related disorders with their patients in order to get to the root of the matter. For example, many forms of anxiety and depression are treated with pills and medicines which, whilst necessary and helpful in the short term, cannot solve the underlying problem. Excessive drinking, smoking and drug abuse do not help either. Very often, people are unaware of the fact that with appropriate guidance they can go a long way in helping themselves to deal with stress.

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