Dongpo Doufu

A story has been passed down that this dish was invented by Su Dongpo, a great writer of the Song Dynasty. So we call it Dongpo Doufu. ?


1/2 lb. Bean curd.

1 tbsp.

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2 cups vegetable oil.

1/2 cup clear broth.

4 leaves, leafy green vegetable.

6 dried mushrooms soaked in water.

3 tbsp. Cooked bamboo shoots.

2 oz. Slices cooked ham.

2 tbsp. Each minced scallion and ginger 1 tbsp. Sherry Salt to taste.

To Prepare:

1. Cut bean curd into rectangular pieces, coat with a little salt and flour. Fry in hot oil until the pieces become yellow, then drain.

2. Fleat oil over a high flame, add broth, bean curd, greens, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, ham and all seasonings and simmer over a low flame for 2 minutes. Then increase heat and boil until the liquid evaporates.

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