What if They Don’t Want to Kiss Me Back?

OK, I have a question for you. What if they do want to kiss you? More than likely they WILL want to kiss you. If you have been reading their signs correctly, then follow your instincts. I’d think that you wouldn’t have such a strong feeling of wanting to kiss someone if they hadn’t sent you any signs! Also check out the chapter on “How to Deal with Rejection.”

First Kiss

1. Hold eye contact a few times before you kiss. This 2. Look at lips to know where you are aiming and so gives them a chance to move away if they want to. they know what to expect and you won’t give them aface to face. or startled, the kiss may turn into a bit of a fumble.

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Doesn’t need to be right before the kiss when you are fright when you lean in. If they do feel uncomfortable
Tips: Holding eye contact with the other person gives them a chance to move away if they don’t want to kiss.

3. As you are leaning in to kiss, hold the back of their head to pull them in. This shows confidence, may even fake experience and they will feel safe in your hands.

Tips: You are now taking control of the situation. No turning back.

4. Lips need to be slightly open. This has more contact and feeling than a peck but not over the top.

Tips: Don’t go overboard, though, as you might seem too eager.

5. Kiss either the top or bottom lip so lips intertwine. 6. Hold here for a couple of seconds.

Tips: Think nice soft kisses. Apply a little bit of pressure so you can feel it. Don’t bite their lips off, but there needs to be enough so it feels like there is nothing there.

7. Slowly pull back.

Tips: Don’t let go of her head, then pull back. Let go as you are pulling back. You’ll keep the flow more this way.

8. Do the same again, but this time kiss the opposite lip to the time before.

Tips: By kissing one lip at a time, you fit better together than if you kissed both lips at a time

First Kiss

9. Pull away slightly with your hand still behind their 10. Continue this 2-3 times, each time opening the head, then pull them in again. lips the tiniest bit more than the last.

Tips: Pulling away a little keeps you in control. Also, Tips: Also make each kiss a little longer than the last. you can make sure the other person definitely feels Now you are easing into a French Kiss. comfortable in the situation.

11. You can go in for the biggy now that you have warmed the situation.

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