Double Braid with a Trick Hairstyles

Hello my beautiful friend today I’m gonna be showing you this really cool way to create a double braid with a simple trick, I can’t wait to show it to you guys yesterday, I was actually trying to figure out how to do this really complicated hairstyle in the back of my head sort of like a half down hairstyle and instead of figuring out how to do that, I thought of this one and, I think it’s very cute it’s super easy to create and, I can’t wait to show yourself let’s get started alright.

So the first thing I’m gonna do as always is quickly give my hair brush to make sure there are no tangles and you get like my top actually it’s a dress, I always want to sing, I believe, I can fly, I believe, I can touch this guy okay alright. So I’m gonna brush my hair and what I’m doing now actually because my hair is gradually fading as I’m more in the Sun or just as, I wash my hair now, I am in between two shapes. So I’m mixing my Umbra chestnut set and my Umbra blonde said and, I feel like that’s the best match for me alright.

So once, I brush the hair I’m gonna just split it in two equal sections and of course you can braid this on the left side the right side whatever works the best for you. So I’m just gonna split it up in two sections and I’m just gonna create a regular three-strand braid on the left side of the section alright. So once they get to the bottom I’m just gonna grab my clear here elastic and secure this braided man now the next thing I’m gonna do is the trick part.

So what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna start pulling small sections of the braid and sort of create this opening like a little hook that’s what, I call it. So I’m just gonna pull it and again you got to be really careful here I’m wearing luxy hair extensions. So if my hair is a bit shorter than the extension.

So you got to make sure that you’re not pulling out any of the layers like the short layers in your hair or if you wear extensions but what you want to see is kind of like this little hook that you can then use to do something really cool. So first create this and literally you can just go with one hand or two and just pull on that section and make sure there’s some kind of an opening that you can use later like that all right..

So I’ve only created the hooks on the right side of my braid I’m just gonna go in into the same braid and just fan out the rest of the section. So the section that’s on the left side you can also create hooks here if you want that’s totally optional, I just really grabbed a section and pan it out like, I normally would just to make it appear thicker. So you will have something like this now I’m gonna go into the next section and I’m gonna start also creating a regular three strand braid but I’m gonna do something really cool all right.

So I’m gonna just start with creating a three strand braid. So once, I braid at once I’m gonna take this left section and I’m gonna weave this through that little hook that we’ve previously created that’s why it’s important that it’s there and it’s kind of like ready to use. So grab the left section weave it through that.

So pull that through and continue braiding normally and then when you have the left section again you weave it through the next section. So through the next hook you don’t need to weave it through every single hook it’s totally optional all right. So we’re doing the same thing here bring it through the hook and then just cross over and do a regular three strand braid and we’re gonna continue doing this all the way to the end and just a couple more left at the bottom.

. So I’ve done this breakdown. So many different ways the double braid and a lot of times you know the methods that.

I’ve seen is that you pin them together or you do some other fancy things but this is so simple and. So easy.

And I’ve done this on just my hair without the extensions and it looks pretty cool as well. So you don’t necessarily need the extensions alright. So once you get to the bottom of the braid I’m just gonna grab another hair elastic and I’m just gonna secure the ends of the braid together and then I’m gonna grab another hair elastic and I’m gonna secure the two of them together.

So it looks like it’s just one big fat double braid like that now the last step of this braid is I’m just gonna go back in and fan out any other sections, I want to fan out on the right of this braid. So just gonna go in here and carefully figure out what, I want to style and if, I want to find out the left side of the second braid as well which is possible and that’s pretty much it this is what the finished braid looks like no need for any bobby pins it’s one big intertwine tricky braid now that the braid is finished I’m just gonna go into my bangs and they’re like a really awkward stage right now, I haven’t decided yet if I’m gonna cut them or if I’m gonna grow them out. So what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna go in and just reweighed them because, I have previously waived them but it kind of got looser.

So I’m just gonna go with my barrel curling thieriot and just curl it away from the face and as, I do that, I kind of just run my barrel down. So the curl is not too tight. So I’m just gonna show you one more time.

So, I started just curling as, I normally would and then, I sort of just move continue moving my curling wand down and you get something like that very loose weight now I’m gonna do the same thing here on my right side. So I’m gonna wrap it around like that away from the face and same thing, I just keep moving in the curler. So, I don’t just keep it in one position like that there we go all right.

So once. I’ve curled my bangs I’m finished beautiful perfect summer braids all right that’s all, I got for you today let me know how you like this tricky double braid leave me a comment down below like this post it will totally make my day thank you. So much for tuning in oh wait before, I finish when you recreate this braid make sure to post it on your Instagram with hashtag here, I always feature my favorites on al-alaq see here histogram, I love you guys.

So much and I’ll see you next week.

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