Double Fishtail Bun Updo Hairstyles Tutorial

Hello today I’m gonna be showing you this really cool updo, I haven’t done a post on and up doing a while. So I’m really excited to show it to you it’s really cute it’s really easy to recreate.

So let’s get started alright now the first thing I’m gonna do is split my hair into well actually it’s already split but you know what, I mean. So once you split the hair into like that I’m just gonna give it a quick brush and as you can see I’m not wearing any extensions today alright. So now once.

I’ve brushed my hair what I’m gonna do is start doing a fishtail braid now the trick here is what I’m gonna be doing the fishtail braid I’m now gonna braid it as, I would on the side I’m gonna braid it back. So I’m just gonna go a bit on the side to show you guys what, I mean. So I’m just gonna separate my bangs cause, I want them out then I’m just gonna grab the remainder of hair and I’m gonna create a regular fishtail braid just keeping in mind that I’m braiding it back and, I can’t see anything and I’m gonna braid this all the way down now when, I get to the bottom of the braid before, I secure it with an elastic what I’m gonna do is just go back into this braid and really fan it out and mess it up a little bit.

So I’m just gonna be grabbing random sections of the braid starting from the bottom moving to the top and just pulling on those sections to make this braid bigger alright, I think at this point I’m pretty happy with how much, I find out the braid. So I’m just gonna grab my elastic and secure this braid at the bottom now what I’m gonna do is create the same kind of braid on my right side and keep the same thing in mind that when I’m gonna be creating this braid I’m not gonna be facing you. So again I’m just gonna splitting this section and I’m starting to do a regular fishtail braid facing backwards and the reason, I do that is because when I’m gonna be folding the braids in the back it’s gonna look much better it’s not gonna leave a really weird bump here in the back and that’s really the reason why we’re braiding backwards instead of forwards I’m just gonna make sure, I don’t have my bangs and yet just gonna braise this all the way down all right now I’m gonna do the same thing here I’m just gonna go back into this braid and fan it out and make it big and make it a bit Messier all right.

So I’m just gonna now secure this braid as well all right I’m gonna turn around and show you the back now now I’m gonna start with my left braid and what I’m gonna do is just lift it bring it back and fold it to the right and I’m gonna also fold the ends of the hair and just hide them under the fishtail and now as, I fold it with my left hand I’m just gonna pin all of this in place. So I’m just gonna pin one on top one on the bottom and, I think now it looks secure I’m gonna do the same thing with my right side. So I’m just gonna take my right braids and I’m gonna bring it right over my left braid again I’m gonna fold the ends of the braid and just hide them in there and then just secure the braid with bobby pins now once.

I’ve pinned both of the braids I’m just gonna kind of feel it with my hands and see if there’s any air sticking out, I can still correct it, I can still pin it up. So I’m just gonna pin all of the little flyaways and bumps in place and once. I’ve pinned everything, I am finished all right that’s it for today, I think this is the perfect hairstyle to take you from day to night and it’s definitely something that you can learn to do on yourself.

So give this double fishtail braided bun okay let me do it one more time double fishtail bun a try and let me know how you like it down below I’d love to hear from you leave me a comment also when you recreate this hairstyle make sure to post it on your Instagram would like to be here hashtags I’ll go through through the tags and, I usually will pick up my favorite and feature them a lot see here Instagram thank you guys. So much for tuning in what else did, I want to say oh yeah, I love you and I’ll see you next week all these ties see.

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