Double Twisted Bun Hair Tutorial

Hi how are you doing today, I want to show you this really cool and super super easy bun every once in a while, I do wear my hair in a bun usually when my hair is not looking that great or if it’s like second third day here recently, I just came up with this really cool way to wear it and it’s.

So easy that even if you don’t think you’re good at doing hair you can get this trust me. So let’s begin I’m gonna start with just walking you through what you’re gonna need for this hairstyle and really it’s. So easy that all you’re gonna need is some hair brush and a few bobby pins all right.

So let’s begin the first thing I’m gonna do I’m gonna show you kind of what I’m gonna do in the front and then I’m gonna turn it on and show you what I’m doing in the back. So really what I’m gonna do first I’ll probably just brush my hair and I’m gonna brush the crown back now my hair is currently freshly washed if you’re working with more like second third day here, I would probably suggest to tease the crown of the crown of your hair just to add some volume but I’m just gonna brush it right now because my hair is fresh. So once, I brush the hair what I’m gonna do I’m gonna split it in three sections.

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So I’m just gonna leave a little bit in the front really not a lot and then push the rest back I’m gonna do the same thing here and then I’m gonna turn around and show you what I’m gonna do the back alright. So now what I’m going to do is take this thicker section which is the middle section I’m just going to twist it and I’m going to twist it into a bun. So I’m just taking the hair and twisting it around until, I have a bun sort of a mini bun and I’m gonna go ahead and grab my bobby pins and just pin this in place all around I’m going to try not to use my teeth to open the bobby pins alright.

So just insert the bobby pin into the bun and then just try to grab them sections to make it bigger and then I’m just going to grab another bobby pin also inserted into the bun and then maybe a couple more just to make sure it’s safe and secure alright. So what I’m going to do next is let my side banks in my face and then take the rest of the section and start twisting it and going over this bun. So I’m going over the bun and then I’m going under the bun around the bun and then when, I run out of here I’m just going to grab my bobby pin and I’m just going to pin that section in place and then I’m going to do the exact same thing on my right side.

So I’m just going to separate them here and leave it in the front and then the rest will be twisted backwards. So, I start twisting it and going. So going from the top of the bun.

So it’s exactly the same thing from both sides going from the top of the bun going around the bun and continue twisting it as you’re going around it and then when you reach the end of the hair you just want to grab a bobby pin and pin that section in place and once, I bobby pin it all around it’s done, I think this hairstyle is super super cute, I love it from the front it sort of gives it like the secretary looks. So, I think it’s gonna be the perfect look to wear to work or maybe if you’re going to school just something more glamorous and more classy. So let me know how you like it down below leave me a comment, I love reading your comments also when you do recreate this hairstyle make sure to post it either on our Facebook fan page or Instagram relax your hair hashtag thank you.

So much for tuning in, I love you guys. So much and I’ll see you next week bye -, I can’t swim.

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