Drastic Weight Loss Tips

Drastic Weight Loss Tips

VITAL NUTRIENTS For Exercises Full Workout

Potassium is the muscle minerals, it is required for stimulating nerves connected to the muscles. It is also vital for repair and the conditioning of muscles.

Calcium is needed for regulating the heartbeat, muscular growth and contraction.

Iron is the foundation mineral of myoglobin; it supplies oxygen to the muscle cells and activates muscular contractions.

Magnesium provides the connection between muscles and nerve stimuli. It helps protect against cramps and assists muscular contractions.

Manganese is required for muscular strength and muscular co-ordination as it stimulates proper transfer of nerve impulses to the muscular tissues.

Copper is required for elastin, muscle stretching.

Selenium preserves muscular elasticity.

Sodium is required for muscular enlargement.

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Vitamin E is the muscle vitamin; it promotes oxygen supply and endurance to muscles and promotes blood circulation.

Vitamins A and B complex are all vital for the muscular system.


The muscular system covers most parts of the body and approx.40% of body mass is muscle. Muscles are made from millions of fibres and covered by tissues termed fascia. Muscles are connected to the skeletal system by tendons. Nearly all muscles have an opposite: to lift and to lower. There are about 650 muscles in the adult human body. The three main types of muscles are: heart muscles (cardiac muscles); visceral muscles (stomach and bloodstream); skeletal muscles (legs, arm and spine). A muscle is described as an organ which produces motion by the action of the nervous system and contraction of muscle fibres. The two main types of muscle fibres are striated and smooth fibres. Large voluntary muscles are composed of approx.80% water and 20% protein. Muscles require heat to perform and approx.75% of energy used by muscles is for heat production, 25% for muscle action.

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