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West Indian Punch.

You will need for 12-14 persons: juice 4 fresh grapefruit 2 teaspoons (or 1 pint canned, Angostura bitters unsweetened juice) Ice juice 2 fresh oranges J bottle brandy (or 8 tablespoons 4 tablespoons canned, unsweetened Benedictine juice) 1 bottle dark rum.

2 tablespoons sugar grated nutmeg or sugar syrup rind 1 fresh lemon.

1 Put the fruit juices, sugar and bitters into a punch bowl.

2 Stir the mixture thoroughly, then add several large chunks of ice.

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3 Pour the brandy, Benedictine and rum over the ice.

4 Stir thoroughly and lavishly sprinkle the nutmeg into the drink.

5 Garnish with the lemon rind and serve.

Claret Punch.

You will need for 12-14 persons: Ice 1 teaspoon Angostura juice 3 fresh oranges bitters (or 12 tablespoons 8 oz. Pineapple chunks canned, unsweetened { bottle brandy juice) 2 bottles claret juice 3 fresh lemons i siphon soda water.

2 tablespoons sugar or sugar syrup.

1 Fill a punch bowl with large chunks of ice.

2 Pour in the fruit juices, sugar, bitters, pineapple chunks, brandy and claret.

3 Stir the mixture thoroughly and just before serving add the soda water.

White Wine Punch.

You will need for 12-14 persons: Ice 2 bottles dry white wine 1 pint extra dry sherry (Blanc-de-Blanc,

4 tablespoons Pernod Chablis or Hock)

4 tablespoons brandy rind 1 fresh lemon soda water.

1 Put several large chunks of Ice into a punch bowl.

2 Pour the sherry, Pernod, brandy and wine over the ice.

3 Stir the mixture thoroughly.

4 Garnish with the fresh fruit.

5 At the last minute add the soda and serve.

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