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Hey guys! Its Mi-Anne. Zetus lapetus! Holographic makeup! Unless youve been living under a rock, youve probably noticed theres a lot of holographic makeup in the beauty sphere lately. There are lipsticks, nail polish, eyeshadows, then of course highlighters. So Im very excited because Ive got this Milk Makeup Holographic Powder Quad that Im very excited to try today. And then, when I was in Forever 21 earlier this week, I found this one from this brand called Lottie London. Its the Shimmer quad. Its only $11. So I thought why not try them both on my face today? This quad of highlighters retails for $49, not the cheapest highlighter quad on the market but really beautiful nonetheless. Four shades here: a beautiful little pearly white. Thats nice. Theres a metallic peach. So its sort of a frosty peach on its own and then it hits the light just so and it turns a little pink. So thats cool. Then there is I guess a peachier shade. So the difference between the two highlighters that I just swatched: this top one has a little bit more of a purply sheen.

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Whereas, this one down here is a little bit more pink. Finally, the last one is this bluish shade. And I will, Ill be completely honest, when I say that Ive actually never been ballsy enough to wear a highlighter thats blue, or green, or purple. So it might be the day. So this quad from Lottie London. This is the Shimmer Squad Holographic Haul. Not the same kind of vibe, but lets sread them and well see. So this white shade called The BFF looks really frosty and white in the pan. But actually when its on your skin, it has a little bit of a pink shift. So Im going to move on to The Rebel, which is this blue shade. Its not very holographic. Its more of a metallic highlight in my opinion. The Thrillseeker, thats next. Its another blue highlighter. It kind of looks the same to be honest. Then finally, The Gossip.

13 Holographic Highlighters That Change Colors

That ones a little bit more holographic. It has a little bit of a yellowy, greenish sheen. That ones really pretty. For the sake of this post today, Im going to really go for it. Im going to step outside of my comfort zone a little bit. Im going to go for this blue one. So in terms of brushes, I think Im going to use this highlighter brush that I have from Anastasia Beverly Hills. And Im going to dip it into the blue highlighter. Im gonna put the Milk highlighter on the left side of my face. When you see it in the light, its like boom. Its very Zenon. Shed be proud. Ill be honest and say I was kind of scared of using a blue highlighter. But I kind of like it. I like the way it looks. I like that you can look in the mirror and youre like, Boom.

Thats my highlight! So Im going to try the Lottie London version from Forever 21 right now. The Shimmer Squad. Im gonna take my brush and put it on to the right side of my face. Right off the bat, this one is much sheerer. So that Milk highlighter that I just put on, I got that holographic swipe with one application of it. In terms of the Lottie London one, its looking a little bit more metallic to me. So Im going to dip into the product a little more and put it on to my cheekbone again. Im seeing it a lot more now. Lets be real honest here. Blue highlighter sounds freaking crazy. I like it. I think it looks good. Ive never worn blue highlighter before so maybe this is going to be like my thing. So this is both highlighters on. First impressions of the two highlighters is that the Lottie London side is definitely more metallic, less holographic. Whereas, the Milk is a true boom, holographic highlight.

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Although I will say they look really beautiful. Theyre not catching on my skin in unflattering ways, but Im very curious to see how theyll wear. Im gonna go on the street and Im going to ask some people what they think of my two highlighters, if they can tell the difference, their general thoughts. And I will reconvene with you at the end of the day so I can give you my final verdict. Okay so one of them is $50 and the other is $11. What do you think? $50 and $11? Thats a big difference. Big difference. Big difference. Im gonna go with the more subtle one as the more expensive one. Because I feel like thats something I would buy. Alright. Youre correct. Its a little too much. You think this one is too much? But its very bright. It is very bright. Its shining like a diamond.

Shine like a diamond! How much do you know about makeup? Nothing at all. Nothing at all. Perfect! Youre a perfect candidate. So Im wearing two different kinds, one of them is $50 and one of them is $11. What do you think? Thats the $50 one right there. Why? Because its shinier. Its more shinier than the other one. Really? Okay. Well, youre right! Oh yeah! Im right! Woo! Alright! Up top! I am winding down for the day. And Ive got to say highlighter looking good. I went out today as you saw to ask a bunch of random people what they thought about my highlighter, which not going to lie, is one of my favorite things to do, aka talk to random people about makeup. The Milk one does look just a little bit more interesting, I want to say. Its a more interesting highlighter because it has the duochrome finish. It has the other colors in the palette like the orangey pink and the peach. So I dont know. I think the Lottie London is a really great palette to use if you dont want to spend too much money and you kind of want to dip your toes in the holographic kind of blue highlighter realm.

They were both really lovely but I think the Milk one is the one Im going to experiment with more. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I had so much fun making it and let me know in the comments down below which one you would buy or if youd buy both. Ill catch you guys next week. Bye! Thanks so much for reading guys. Let me know what you want to see next on Beauty With Mi in the comments below. And click on comment button to comment to my blog. click on comment button to read more posts. Bye!.

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