It is a type of skin with low fat excretion. It’s thin. Have a rich sold. With drying, permanent thin lines appear around the eyes. They have no pores visible, they have a uniform texture. They are usually exfoliated, and cracks may also appear due to capillary weakness. The general appearance of the skin is shrunken and dry, bran appears in the eyebrows.

Dry skin can gradually turn into a self-sensitizing skin structure and diminish it. Since the oil and lipid value in the skin will decrease as the age gets older, the water retention capacity of the skin will also decrease. In this case the skin is dry and free of moisture.

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Drying which can be caused by external factors can be caused by low oil production, exposure to wind or sun, climatic conditions, heavy soap and detergent product use, lack of C, E and F vitamins. The two types of skin should be handled separately, since moisture free skin can also show dry skin signs.

Selected products for moisture-free skin should contain vitamins A and E, vegetable oils, calming herbs. During cleaning, not very hard products but products that will not reduce skin oil should be preferred.

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