Dutch 4 Strand Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Hi, I’m Sarah.

And this is my daughter Gracie hi or from one dirty chair styles. And today, I’m going to show you how to do a touch four strand fishtail braid on a ponytail let’s get started okay. So now, I started off with her hair in a high ponytail.

Dutch 4 Strand Fishtail Braid Hairstyle Photo Gallery

And I wrapped her elastic band with her own hair just to hide that. And your hair is wet you can do it dry. So now if you split this in half this you’re going to take not half but just less than a half because you want this side here to be thicker than this side here.

So that’s how much you want then you’re going to take this other side you got to do the same thing want it to be like in equal parts for the outside, I’m going to small thin strands. And then the outside are going to be thicker. So this is what you’re going to have is four strands right here it’ll look like this.

So what you’ll do is you’ll take the outside strand which is a little piece. And take a little piece of it. And you’re going to go under that strand.

So you can go under then over that next strand then under the neck the other smaller strand. And then you’re going to combined it with the last strand here the end. So it would look like this then you’re going to take a little slice from the outside of that strand go under that strand go over the next strand that’s sitting there.

And then you go under that neighbor strand. And connect it with the last string okay. And it should look it would look like this okay.

So again the outside strand a little bit go under over under. And connect make sure that these make sure that you pull them tight again under over under connect to this question. And this is all repeated all the way down to the end of your ponytail or as far as you would like to have it go down making sure that you tighten them up as you go down over hunger.

So you already see the pattern going you just want to keep on going down you you do one more stitch try that okay. I just want to pull the sides a little bit you clip on there you can expand them out if you like even further than what, I have but can alekhya like this do you go thank you. So much for taking the time to watch this tutorial.

And if you comment to a lady fold up hi guys.

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