Dutch Braid Up-Do Hair Tutorial

You may not always wear the latest styles you’re singing boys hi how are you doing today I’m going to show you how to do a very beautiful and simple sort of a reverse Dutch braid updo it’s very beautiful and very easy to recreate for this look we’re gonna need just a few simple tools we’re gonna need a hairbrush lots of bobby pins and a clear hair elastics now I’m gonna turn around to show you guys what I’m doing in the bag of course the first things first I’m gonna brush the hair now a Dutch braid is very simple to recreate it’s pretty much like a French braid work we’re going to be braiding under as opposed to over. So first thing is to take three strands right at the top of your head. So just take three strands.

So with a French braid you will start braiding over but with reverse or Dutch braid you just braid under and under and that will you do is just add more sections to the braid and then again braid it under and then add another section from the side and keep braiding under. So this is quite simple, I do have a tutorial on how to do it like a reverse braid I’m going to link it in the info box below I’m probably going to spit this out for you guys. So it’s easier.

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So all I’m going is just doing the same steps all the way down. So adding the hair and braiding it under and then adding the hair and breaking it under once you get to the nape of your neck it just can become a regular braid or reverse braid. So I’m just going to add the remaining hair which is here um just one of the sections or maybe just add this here and just braid it all the way down as a reverse braid.

So you don’t need to do it a French braid anymore. So you just make a regular braid all the way down now that you get to the bottom of your braid you just want to take your clear elastic and just secure the ends of the bottom what I’m going to do now is take sections over of the braid and start pulling them out start planning each section out my purpose is to make this braid quite messy and sort of effortless, I wanted to look neat or nice. So just take sections and pull them and this might take a few minutes.

So you know just take your time play with it you can take your little mirror and just check in the bathroom mirror you know how it’s going on in the back what I’m going to do now is found out the top section here just pen it out as much as, I can slowly and then you know as I’m Fanning it out I’m going to grab a bobby pin and I’m going to secure it at the top try to hide the bobby pin as much as you can. So like when you’re pinning it try go you know pin it underneath on the other side and do the same thing. So just grab a piece of hair and try to slide the bobby pin underneath the braid.

So just pull all the sections and don’t worry you don’t have to be too careful just pull on the sections, I try to make them as loose as you can and it’s going to create a really cool effect then in and yet you always find now that I’m down study of the break what I’m going to do is take this the remaining of the here and start taking it from the bottom I’m going to start rolling it and rolling it and rolling it and rolling it in and just you’re going to have sort of a circle there and I’m going to hold it with one of my fingers and then take bobby pin my other hand and start pinning it down there in place once you’re done pinning the bottom of the braid you’re pretty much done and yet you always. So please don’t forget to recreate this look and post it on your Instagram and hashtag it with e hair hash tag and our favorites will be featured at all luxy hair Instagram. So that’s it guys thank you.

So much for tuning in as always, I love you and I’ll see you in the next tutorial hi.

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