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Hey guys. Rylan and I are here today to teach you guys how to do the Dutch loop braid. Now this one’s awesome. I think you’re gonna really like it. You’re always asking for athletic styles that fold the hair off the face that are gonna stay put while you’re dancing or playing sports or anything like that and this is one of them. On a side note, it kinda loops in the back like a little bit of a Christmas wreath so I think it would be fun to use for a Christmas hairstyle as well. Now if you love our posts, be sure to give us a thumbs up and make sure to comment to our blog and let’s go. Okay to begin this braid what you want to do is section the hair straight down the middle and then you’re gonna divide from that top part all the way to each ear so it in essence creates four even quadrants on the head.

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And then what you want to do is secure that front left piece, this one, and the back right, so kiddy corner from each other, out of the way. So you have your diagonal pieces open on this side. I’m gonna go to the front and I’m gonna pick up a section of hair and I’m going to begin a Dutch braid right here. And this is just gonna be your normal Dutch braid, nothing fancy, adding hair on both sides, and you’re going to work mainly straight back and then slightly angle towards the center when you get back just a little farther. So right now we’re working straight back, just adding in hair as we go. And then just ever so slightly I’m gonna move the braid coming towards that middle cross section. Now, when you run out of hair on this side, you can see everything I have left is part of this ponytail, I’m going to jump over and start picking hair up from this left quadrant that I have secured out of the way. I’m just gonna add a piece right in. And again, keep adding hair on both sides and now I’m moving in a diagonal pattern so I’m moving, you can see that the braid is actually crossing across her head towards my left.

And now I’m gonna get about halfway down that section and I’m gonna start turning it to the right. So now every time I add in hair, I’m going to just gently pull to the right. That’s because I now want the braid to twist inward. And then finish it off with a regular braid. Secure it with an elastic and you’re going to repeat this process on the opposite side. We’re gonna do the same thing when we get to right here again in the middle. We’re just gonna grab a piece of hair from this side and go ahead and start adding it in and that’s gonna cross the braid over the top of the other side. Again, we’re pulling the braid to the side, this time to the right till we hit about that halfway mark on this section. And then we will switch. And you will see right here, I’ll start tugging to the left instead of to the right. When you get to the end, I’m going to unhook, take the elastic out of the left and I like to put it right here, right at the nape of the neck so that it really pulls those two pieces together tightly. Like this. And then I am just gonna add a few little curls into the bottom section of her hair and then add a ribbon. Let’s do the final spin. I love this hairstyle, but I think it’s fun at Christmas time even ’cause it sort of looks like a Christmas wreath.Hey, there’s the info button. Click it to watch the last two posts. Bye guys. Bye guys.

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