Dutch Style Pancake Braid Hair

Hi, I’m Sarah. And this is my daughter Gracie have your line.

And we’re from learn to teach ourselves. And today, I’m going to show you how to do a Dutch style pancake braid. So let’s get started okay.

Dutch Style Pancake Braid Hair Photo Gallery

I started by having her wet, I split your hair in the middle. And, I’m going to take a slice from here, I’m going to split in three equal parts okay. I’m going to go under grabbing one on the side a little slice on the side.

And adding it to that. And, I’m going to go under, I mean over this strand here. And, I’m going to grab a slice from here now, I’m going to go under again from the middle grabbing the side here then it’s just all repeat going over this strand.

And grabbing a slice here. And joining it with that sure under adding a slice over adding a slice you want to get as close to the middle as possible not too close to here but just enough to get close to the middle of her hair okay. I’m going to before, I go all the way down it gets it’ll be harder, I’m going to pull.

And tug on these sit on these ends of the braid. So that it flares out that’s what we call a pancake braid you flare it out just very easy take it a little bit on the outside part of the braid. So just continue down by adding hair from each side of the braid.

And then tugging out the sides just going to repeat it all the way down to the end of your your tail, I’m going to stop right here secure it with elastic band. And then just pull them out very easy okay. So here’s this one now, I’m going to do this side you’re gonna do the same thing you did on this side you’re going to do it on this side can, I tie it all.

And, I’m just going to tug on these. And just gently. And, I’m just going to put them together just.

So that it meshes in together another hair tie secure it with elastic band then just fix it pull. And tug. And have our power much volume you want, I’m just going to throw in a hair accessory.

And hair ties the bow put it to cover the last ban then you just put a little hairspray there you have it thank you. So much for taking the time to watch this tutorial we hope that you enjoyed it if you do please give a thumbs up. And comment to the link below.

And check out other posts that we have done in the past, I’m sure that you’ll like them. And we’ll see you next time bye guys.

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