When Khloe Kardashian shared a photo of three picture-perfect Thanksgiving pies, claiming she made them herself, fans were wowed. But now she’s being called out for fakery, as pictures of a local bakery’s pies are identical to hers! Khloe fired back at accusations she’d actually purchased the desserts, tweeting, I have real [stuff] going on in my life, ‚ and calling doubters petty. ‚ Doesn’t read like a denial to us!

EASY AS PIE? Photo Gallery

Find a productive activity that will fulfill your need to do something. Organize your family photos, read a whole series of books you have not gotten around to reading, or craft something special. Be sure to ask about your limitations. If you are permitted to go for a walk, get out of your room and meet other moms. Building a network of other moms, who are also on bed rest, will provide you with a wealth of support, not to mention help the time pass faster. Stay focused on the positive during your bed rest. Take time to lie down and savor the feeling of your baby moving each morning. Every night be thankful for another day of growth and health for your baby. Let each day be a mini-celebration of your baby’s growth and maturing. Once word gets out you’ve been put on bed rest, you will have friends, family, and neighbors saying let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

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