Easy Day to Night Updo with Twist Me Pretty

Today I’m collaborating with Abby front twist me pretty I have been following her for so long and I love her blog and her YouTube channel she does amazing hairstyles she did this great daytime hairstyle that comes together in just a couple of minutes and will look beautiful on so many of you and then I’m showing you how you can transition it into a nighttime hairstyle with this quick little fishtail updo I think both hairstyles are beautiful and I want to wear both of them all the time and I definitely think you should try them out so let’s just go ahead and get started so as my base for this hair sale I have a bee’s half up half down style I love this one I think it’s beautiful for daytime and now to transition it and tonight I am first going to split my hair in half and bring it forward over my shoulders step one is to create two fishtail braids so I’m going to start on one half of the hair and I went to pull it up right behind my ear and split it in two then I wait to start my fishtail braid a fishtail braid is basically when you take small sections from one side to the other so I’m taking a small section from the bottom and joining it with the top then I’m going to take one from the top and join it with the bottom and then I’m going to keep doing that over and over and again until I reach the end of the hair so basically you’re going bottom to top top to bottom over and over and over again now if fishtail braids are too time consuming for you or you just don’t feel confident with them you can always substitute a normal braid here and it will look really great as well or of course if you want to get really fancy you could always try to like.

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I don’t know add in a really cool braid if you come up with that so many pictures on social media cuz I want to see that but anyway I’m doing a fishtail braid and I’m just gonna braid all the way down the hair until I reach the end at the end I’m securing it with a clear elastic now that you have one fishtail braid done we’re gonna do the same thing on the other side so you’re just going to fishtail braid all the way down on the second side as well if you’re getting tired at this point you could always do a normal braid instead I think it might look cool to kind of mix two braids together with this hairstyle and I totally encourage you guys to like have your own adventures with my hairstyles if you have an idea of how you could modify it to fit your hair type or your style better do it and make sure to send me pictures anyway so now I’m just doing this fishtail braid again and at the end I’m securing it with a clear elastic and then we’re ready to move on to the next step step two is to volumize the braids and this is actually pretty easy you’re just going to kind of pull a massage on the braids and help them to get just a little bit more larger and a little bit more voluminous so you can see here that.

I am kind of grabbing on either side and pulling apart and then massaging and as I do that you can see the braid is also getting a lot bigger this usually doubles my braids in size and I love that make sure not to over do it if you start to see that your braid looks a little bit fuzzy that’s when you want to stop because you don’t want to end up with a really really fuzzy kind of too messy looking braid now that this is done we only have one step left which is to create the bun I’m going to do this in two pieces first by pinning the right side and then the left so toss both braids back behind your shoulders and we’re gonna start with the right braids this one is going to create a loop just underneath the half updo and it’s going to look like this once we’re done with it to create the loop I’m going to take the braid and put it about an inch below the half updo.

I wanted to follow the same shape as the half updo because I think that really makes the hairstyle go together very well once you have that kind of mimicking the shape of the half updo pin it in place with as many pins as you need I used a couple jumbo pins for this hairstyle and they really helped hold everything in place then take the end of the braid and put it just below the base of the braid so that you finish out the little loop then use bobby pins to hold it in place and you have the first piece of your braid done now we’re going to use the left frayed to finish out this hairstyle I want to hide the elastic of this braid so I’m going to hide the elastic behind the braid and I’m going to do that by looping it over so that it’s just sitting right behind the braid just out of sight and it creates this kind of loop shape this loop is gonna create a very final piece of our hairstyle so this is the shape that we’re making following these little arrows and I’m just gonna pick up that loop and place it right over the elastic from the last braid that we’ve hind’ and we’ve got the hairstyle done you’re just gonna hit this thing with a ton of bobby pins hold it in place and it’s gonna look really good once I pull my hands away you can see that it’s kind of like a crisscross applesauce with the fishtail and I kind of love it the last thing.

I’m gonna do is take any flyaways I have tuck them under the bun and pin them out of the way now it’s the bun that I showed you guys just seems way over the top the big like premise of it is that you kind of loop and pin the braids in the most caddywhompus way you can think of so if you don’t want to follow my pattern that’s fine just kind of loop and pin however you want and I think it’s gonna end up looking good pretty much no matter what so that’s it for my fishtail braided updo I hope that you guys like it and I definitely hope that you check out Abbey’s half up half down style which is the de version of my hairstyle I think that it’s incredible and it’s nice and easy and will look good on so many different people also I love Abbey I have been inspired by her for so long I am genuinely a fan of what she does and I think you guys will be too so make sure to check her out and subscribe I will see you guys in my next post mwah bye.

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