Easy DIY Crown Braid Hairstyles

Hey guys, it’s Abby from Twist Me Pretty. I am here with CJ to share with you how to get this really pretty Cramp Braid and this is a little bit different. You’re gonna wrap it all the way around your head which I feel like is often challenging for a lot of people to braid around and up and also you need really long hair. So this Cramp Braid, you’ll be able to do if you have, I wouldn’t say short hair but shorter-ish hair or medium length long hair. So I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial, stick around if you wanna see how it’s down and make sure to comment low to Cute Girl Hairstyles if you haven’t already and let’s get started.

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Start by dividing the hair into two sections and don’t worry if your part isn’t super even because in the end, it’s not gonna matter and then just clip one side out of the way and then we’re gonna do two Dutch Pickup Braids. So take a small section from the front and divide it into three equal sections and then unlike your regular French Braid, you’re gonna take the outer strands under the middle section, I’ll make sure to leave a link to a more in-dept tutorial for you in the description box but I’m just gonna go ahead and cruise through this so that we can get to the good part. When you reach the end, go ahead and tag and pull on those sections to make your braid look a little bit more full and voluminous and then just secure with a clear elastic and then you’re just gonna start on the other side. As you’re braiding this side, try to angle the braid towards the base of the other braid, it’s not mandatory but it’ll definitely help you when you’re securing the two braids together. And now for the fun part, so take your first braid and we’re just gonna clip it up and out of the way and then make sure you have a couple of bobby pins ready, I get mine from Sally’s Beauty Supply and they’re super tight so they’ll hold the hair in place really long. You’re just gonna pin the braid where the first braid ends.

So for me, it’s behind my ear and then you’re gonna roll the braid so then it’s now going the other direction and just pin it a few times if you need so it feels really secure. And then you’re just gonna hide the braid under itself and pin in place. So those little tails, I like to twist them around my finger so that they’re all together and then just stretch the braid out a little bit to cover the ends and secure it with a few bobby pins. And next you’re gonna release the braid that’s been hanging out and lay it right above the second braid to see what kinda fits nicely right there and then we’re just gonna secure it in place with a couple of bobby pins. And now for the tails, if you have really long hair, go ahead and wrap the braid across your part and just hide it underneath that first Dutch braid but if not, we’re gonna do the same rolly action we did on the other side. So, just roll it around your finger, so that the tails are now going in the opposite direction and smooth down any flyaways if you have them and then with your bobby pin, grab a small section of hair and just put it in towards the braid and I like to stretch that first braid out just a little bit to cover it as much as I can and then add a few more bobby pins until it feels really secure and then you’re just gonna roll those tails around your finger and pin underneath the braid. And then to finish it off, just go ahead and pancake all those sections one more time and spray with hair spray. Okay, what do you guys think? I hope you enjoy this post. Again, my name is Abby and my blog over at Twist Me Pretty. I’ll make sure to leave a link in the description box below, so go click it, come over to my blog and say hi. I would love to hear from you and then the post that I did a couple of weeks ago, you can find by clicking this little button right up here and we’ll see you in a few for another tutorial. Bye guys.

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