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Hey guys, it’s your girl Bailey and I am here on the Hairstyles blog to teach you guys another short updo. This one’s going to be called the rolled updo. And it’s because you are literally rolling your hair up into a bun, which is fantastic. And I’m really excited to teach you guys. I know it can be a super hard struggle for short haired people to pull it up, so I’m here to teach you guys how. Let’s go. All right, so let’s get started on the hairstyle. I have had short hair for a long time, so I have had to learn how to kind of work around it. And I know a lot of people think updos are impossible for short hair, but that is not the case. So first things first, I’m going to put my hair into a ponytail and mostly you wanna have it slicked back and I already have it parted where I want it parted, but of course you need to part it where you wanna part it and then pull your hair into a ponytail. So I’m going to do that and I’m just gonna use a brush to try and slick most of it back.

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You can do this hairstyle wet, like with wet hair or dry hair, either works. I’m doing it with mostly dry hair because that’s just how my hair is right now. But if you wanna do a wet hair, that also works. So grab your ponytail. I’m using, and you’ll wanna use a small rubber band, not like one of those giant, thick ones because we’re about to try and hide it. So ponytail like so. All right, so make that ponytail, there you go. So you can see it’s really slicked back like nothing’s popping out. It’s just, kind of feel like you have no hair that’s the goal. So we have a ponytail in the back. I’m gonna turn a little bit so you guys can see exactly what I’m doing. So now I have the ponytail, I’m going to loosen my rubber band just a little bit, not a lot just a little. Split the hair and tuck your tail end through so you make a little twist and then tighten it. And you can see I have layers that are popping out. And that’s totally fine. And especially with short hair, like mine, is sometimes it will bunch on the sides. Do not worry about that. That is totally normal for short hair and we will work with it at the end. The goal is to just try and get the majority of your hair up. So we have it all twisted, as you can see. And I just have a tiny little bit of hair leftover. And this would look awkward. You’re not leaving it like this. We’re gonna take the ends of the ponytail. And you can see my rubber band right here. I wanna try and hide that.

We’re going to wrap the ends through the hole again. So the goal is just make it look like one giant roll of hair. Like Jack Ryan said, it looks kind of like a link of sausage. Just wanna make it all rolled up. You can see the bunches on the side. Again, we will fix that in a few minutes. Just work on the ends of your hair and getting them up first. So I’m taking a bobby pin, pinning it up and I’ll look in the mirror later and see if you can see them. But for the most part, just taking a bobby pin keeping that hair up. So I used two big bobby pins because that held the majority of my hair. And so you can see the sides now are an issue ’cause everything’s falling out. Because that’s what happens when you have short hair. Especially short hair with layers. So I’m actually going to, I have bangs, so I’m actually gonna leave these bangs out and I’m gonna work with these sides. So you can see they’re bunching. So I’m just going to roll them and tuck them and try and make them look as natural as possible and then take a bobby pin and pin them up. The goal is to try and hide the bobby pins as much as possible. We have some layers popping out so you can add more bobby pins. Wanna make it feel as tight and secure and natural as possible without having a lot of the bobby pins showing. So we have one side, now we’re going to do the other. I’m gonna turn this way so you guys can see it a little bit. So you can see it’s bunched. Going to roll it.

Okay, so now that we feel like all of our hair is secure and we have the sides put together a little bit. You can see my bangs are hanging out. I’m just gonna pull some layers out on this side to get it to match. Okay, so I’m gonna curl these wispies that I pulled out in my bangs and if you want to or if you don’t have bangs, you can just pull out side pieces or anything that you want. I just wanted something in the front to frame my face. So I’m just gonna do really light curls on these. And if they come out too heavy, you can always straighten the ends and loosen them up. That’s good. And then my bangs. Really soft, straighten the ends. And we’re just tucking and playing with it to make sure that we like everything. It looks pretty good to me. And there you have the updo. And now it’s time for the final spin So here we go. You can see it, ta-da That is all I hope you guys enjoyed this updo for short hair. You and I, us short haired people we feel, I got you, I have a connection with you. I understand the struggles of trying to get it up. So I am definitely here to help when I can. If you wanna comment to this awesome hair blog, click the button right over here, the flower right over there and if you wanna see my blog and my posts with our family blogs, look over there for that. Coming down below your go-to hairstyle. I will see you guys next time. I love you all so much, bye.

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