Easy Everyday Drugstore Makeup Tutorial

Fake try out the reason why I like to apply powder on the broch rather than just wiping it away is because I feel like it has a little bit more coverage and takes away from that whiteness and keeps a little bit of color under the iron and then I’m just using the short Shader brush from the set to come to my nerves and I’m just contouring with time today but his breakfast hiney be done.

So I should have you something a little bit softer did make it a little bit interns but I just kind of Blended Strongest you think whatever pad is left on the bus and then whatever products that’s on my spawn to just make sure we get rid of this house line and then my nose was as good as you sorry this is my first time using the Nyx sweet cheeks blush and I literally got my brush and just made of Josh, that came out it was just a pretty soft natural blush.

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Which is what I like and then she runs out my face a little bit more I use the makeup Revolution Vivid fake friends are and it’s just like a really soft I lied I got my hands on the wedding highlighter in Petal Pusher which oh my God we need a moment of silence for this highlighter it is for the Laura Geller gilded honey wheat rice if you would not use my favorite highlighters I really love this one now I know that it is sold out a lot in a lot of places in the US I managed to get mine off I can third-party side in Australia that sells drugs are products collectible the prize.

So I didn’t exactly get it for the price point but I don’t care because it was and I always like to Just Baked under my console So it looks nice and dribbled So now I’m just I kind of mix like every color together than I used on my crazy and I use that to smoke out my lower lash line and I’m just using the smallest size blending brush So this to blending brushes in the side there was one big of Lafia one and this is the smaller one and then usually all just wipe where my bag After drama and I amend my face is pretty much that then I’m going back in with the Jordana best lash extreme on my lower lash line and this is the way I test a Mass card out to see if it’s good or not and as you can see it was a freaking bump scars I really really like this Well I’m sorry but just want to give you guys a rest kind of estimate of how much they cost.

So I just sent my makeup I use the Gerard Cosmetics mystified as you can say decided to play me but then after I sprayed it it’s time to come out nice and famously these is the best product like melt all your makeup together and what I like to do is just press it in with a brush to make sure this never liked the skin and its really pressed into that product So you know your makeup is not going anywhere all day I used the color order Earth time using this lip liner stay it’s basically just like a wind-up one and it’s a really nice pic man it comes up on your lips really nicely and it’s all just color and correct me if I’m wrong I’m pretty sure this is the 99-Cent value for money value-for-money some leaves I use the NYX High Voltage lipstick in the color floors which is a really pretty and I just press that Tinder for the slow.

So I took that pinky nude blush from the palate and I just press that into my lipstick and that basically you can do that with any eyeshadow blush and it’s going to give you your desire trade for the lips and it was time edifies that which ideal image of lipsticks going to last longer that’s a little beauty hacks for you guys and then she’s going to blend it all together And listed on trial the guys that is it for my drugstore makeup tutorial thank you So much for watching I want again thank you to you by Lady planet for partnering with me on this post I love you So much and I’ll see you next time.

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