Easy Half Up Half Down Mermaid Braid

Today have partnered with Schwarzkopf to show you guys how to do this great braided half up half down hairstyle I love carrying braids and waves in through the whole year let’s go ahead and show you guys how to do it step one we’re going to create a soft texture on the hair I’m going to start off by using the Schwarzkopf asansol team Omega repair and moisture eleven and one hair beautifier I’m just going to use a couple of pumps and I’m going to wrap it between my hands and then I’ll use my fingers to apply the product through all of my hair and now that we have a nice smooth base we’re just gonna add in a couple of curls.

I’m taking a really large barreled iron and then I’m taking large sections of hair and wrapping them away from my face this is just gonna give like the gentlest Bend and your hair so that it looks nice and flowy and wavy I just love this look because your hair looks super healthy and shiny and lustrous but if you wanted to go with a smaller iron you could also do that for maybe some more beachy waves so you’re gonna notice that I’m not sectioning my hair at all I’m just working in really big sections throughout my hair and that’s awesome because it makes curling go a lot faster you’re not sectioning you’re not taking lots of little little tiny pieces these really big sections they get the job done but it makes it a lot faster and a lot easier and now that we have every piece of hair curls.

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I’m going to run my fingers through my hair to break up those ringlets and you can see the waves kind of forming now and how you have that nice kind of tousled look to your hair and now that you have some nice beautiful soft waves we’re gonna move on to step two which is the braid now this braid focuses a lot on little pieces of hair that are taken from the front hairline we want to make sure that we those really stand out to do that I’m gonna take some of the stylus tool team satin frizz control and protect wax powder just sprinkle a little bit of it into your hands and then rub your fingers together and you’re actually going to see this change from a powder to kind of a wax cream formula now you don’t need a lot of this.

So you’re just going to add a little bit into your hair using your fingertips if you feel like you need more a little bit later you can totally add more to start off this braid you’re going to need three little pieces of hair so you’re going to take one little section from one side of your head and then get one little section from the other side then bring both of those back together and meet them in the back finally you’re going to get your third section by picking up one more little piece of hair in the back and those are your three sections you’re going to braid with so start braiding normally just a couple of times to get the braid start in [Music] so now that you’ve got the braids started you’re ready to add in more hair you’re gonna do this just like a French braid except you’re gonna take little tiny pieces from your front hairline so you’re gonna see me pick up a very small piece for my front hairline I’m going to join it with the section that I’m getting ready to braid and then brave both of those over together then.

I’m gonna repeat the same thing on the other side so I’m going to pick up a very small section of hair from my front hairline I’m going to join it with my braiding section and then braid it over again and that is your method you’re going to keep repeating that over and over and over again until you’ve got your hair just a little bit past your ears so now that we’ve created a half updo go ahead and switch to doing a regular braid and do a regular braid all the way down your hair until you reach the end then you can see care the end of your hair with a clear elastic so now that you have your braids all done it’s time to move on to step three which is just the finishing touches while you are braiding you might have encountered some flyaways you can see that I have some right around my ears I’m gonna fix those by going back in with my stylus old team satin frizz control and protect wax powder I’m just taking that again over my fingertips and then I’m working my finger tips over those flyaways.

And you can see as I do that they’re taming back and they’re getting out of the way this product is great for taming those flyaways and adding just a bit of extra shine now that all those flyaways are put away you can go in with your stylus tool team crystal shine and hold laminating shine hair spray and I’m going to use this to spritz all around this hairstyle the front the braid the ends this hairspray will maintain shine and lock your hairstyle in place all day long and that is it for this hairstyle this one just makes me feel happy I love the braids I love the loose waves I hope that you guys try it out too because you also can wear it for just about anything and it will look great if you do make sure to send me pictures on social media using the hashtag Keeley Melissa and I’ll see you guys in my next post.

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