Easy Home Makeovers Ideas

TREND WATCH They’ve seen trends come, go and stick around; they know what guests love to buy and have helped thousands of couples compile their own unique lists. Whether your style is industrial, boho, Scandi, country chic or minimalist, The Wedding Shop stocks and sources gifts to suit every home. Many couples also dabble in gadgets: the Nutribullet is seeing a surge in popularity, as is the Bluetooth speaker.

For those who want to off-road, the in-house travel buyers will do just that, unearthing original pieces from around the world.

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TOP TIPS Over the years The Wedding Shop has picked up unrivalled knowledge. Top tip number one: guests love to buy timeless gifts. From stunning tableware and designer cutlery to original artwork, vintage Champagne glasses and gorgeous linen, it is items with real longevity that prove the most popular. Tip number two: there really is no better time in your life to give your home and garden a makeover.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to replace (and upgrade) the essentials: pots, pans, a toaster from Dualit or casserole dishes from fave brand Le Creuset. Number three: when it comes to price, think small, medium and big (you’ll be amazed at how generous some guests can be). EASY DOES IT Alongside a seemingly limitless choice of brands, The Wedding Shop has added honeymoon, cash and charity options to ensure total flexibility. To top it off, you also have access to your very own gift list adviser. Now that’s what we call ticking all the boxes.

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