Easy Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes

Cucumber Banyos with a nice light foam provided by soap grass is very soft and lightly peeled.

For 1 application

30 gr dried soap root

1 tablespoon of kaolin or another preferred cosmetic clay

1 soup spoon thinly battered oats

1 medium size cucumber, peeled

1 soup spoon sour cream

1 soup spoon soap

1 soup spoon used soap root

1 tea spoon honey

1. Place a 30 gram dried soap bar into a one-handled pan into cold water. Put the water on light fire. Cover it and boil it for about half an hour.

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2. Lower the pot from the fire and allow it to cool down over the top. Seaweed sway and separate the roots.

3. Mix one of the dry ingredients (kaolin and oats) in a container and put on one edge.

4. Crush the sauce in a food processor or bilge. Transfer to a second mixing vessel.

5. Add sour cream, soap herb broth, used soap, herb roots and a salad to the salad. Mix well for good dispersion and sour cream delivery.

6. Add the dry ingredients and mix well to get a good combination. Allow the mixture to stand for about 30 minutes to lighten slightly before use.

7. While in use, soak and wash face and neck with Cucumber Bottom using gentle, round crumple. Rinse with hot water, then repeat. Continue with toner and humidifier.

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