Easy Tacky Christmas Hairstyles

We all know there are two kinds of people at Christmas first we have and The trial the first type of purse What does the way to take your luck just extra Christmas see whether you’re already wearing a Christmas Ensemble and you want to wear it on your hair or if you’re all there for like the tacky, Christmas party but you don’t want to buy a $30 sweater this is So this first one is both pretty and quick to pull off at the last minute on the back Now just tend the bows in place to create a wreath or crown on top of your head then your face NFL back the other side twisted and pended on top of the first one.

So full of Christmas cheer ever this next hairstyle I’m watching one of my favorite accessories this year reindeer antlers Braids on either side and distress by pulling them apart haphazardly as you like, Finish off with your reindeer antlers and you are ready to go I find this one a little bit I’m definitely ready for any party and now for the easiest of all just pull your hair into a high ponytail then gray and into the base of the pointy tail once you’ve surrounded with ornaments, I love these many ornaments as accessories there blingy and cute and I totally recommend just playing around and creating your own style with them now I really wanted to do something with LED lights and this is it.

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Change the lights up to your ponytail and in place then before we make the bun I want you to fold the light string so it’s as long as your hair and then keep going until all of the wire is folded and now finally you can wrap that hair into a bun making sure to keep the lights on the outside of the bun as much as possible and in place and you’re done.

I love those light up hairstyle and just FYI I left these lights on 4 hours as decor and they never get hot but if you’re concerned you could come around at the party and wow everyone and finally I wanted to do Your hair on one side and use your hair as one piece of the braids and two sides of the Garland End, braid all the way down normally securing with an elastic do the same thing on the other side now we’re at the top and that’s it I feel like this one is the most silly but it’s so fun and also if you have a Christmas tree sweater at your here This funniest hit the like button if you are also Buddy the elf and love Christmas maybe a little too much Add when I post a post and I’ll leave that very soon with another one I’ll see you my next post.

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