Easy Tousled Side Bun Inspired

Today’s tutorial is on this side bun which was inspired by marisa Webb’s New York Fashion Week show you’ve also got a sneak peek of my new hair color which is going to be in my next post so stay tuned this side bun I felt in love with I love that it can be worn with jackets and sweaters and it’s not going to get messed up by that I also love that it’s supposed to be tousled so when you go out into the elements like rain or wind or snow and it might mess it up a little bit it actually just makes the hairstyle more perfect because it’s supposed to be messed up a little bit so I love that because it’s a hairstyle that actually just really works for you also I wanted to let you know that every product in this post is from a website called lots of beauty.

It is my new favorite website and I wanted to support them because first of all they’re all about protecting consumers they offer a large supply of a hundred percent authentic salon products so you know whenever you buy a product for them it’s legit you’re not buying an expired or diverted product and that makes me happy because I obviously don’t want you guys to have that experience also they’re all about educating consumers they have this tab on their page called get inspired you click on it they have tons of hair tutorials and hair inspiration and product information and I literally clicked on every single page on that portion of their website and you guys should check it out I am a big fan of this website and I think you guys will be too.

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So I wanted to support them until you guys bought them that being said let’s go ahead and get into this post so first we’re gonna prep and volumize the hair and I’m going to be going with my natural texture and I just added in a little bit of volumizing mousse I used the big sexy hair bag altitude mousse I like it cuz it’s kind of a fluffy lightweight mousse and then I’m adding in the joy Koh Harris is an awesome liquid to powder texturizer you shake it up and then I’m going to spray it into my roots for some volume around my root area you can also use it through the length of your hair and it adds texture and a lot of volume it’s really easy to use.

I just kind of threw it in there and worked it in with my hands and then you can see it added quite a bit of volume and now we’re going to section the hair so first you’re gonna take the crown section of your hair just draw a little circle around the crown of your head and then take that hair and clip it up and out of the way and with your hair parted on the side go ahead and take the hair this left from the front this is going to be our bangs section and you’re just going to wrap that and clip it as well and now that these hair clips have you lookin super cute we’re gonna move on to the next step which is to make our side ponytail you basically wants to slicked everything that’s left into a ponytail on the side that you want your bun to be on.

So I’m brushing everything into the side and then I’m going to secure it with a hair elastic and now we’re ready to move on to the next step which is to make a little bit of volume at the crown so the hair shank is already added a bit of volume but I’m going to take that section down and just lightly backcomb to add a little bit more volume and then going to go ahead and pull everything together and put it over the side ponytail check it again from the front make sure that everything looks good and then pin the hair in place right over your ponytail you can use this step to create as little or as much texture and volume as you want and then we’re ready to create the bun now this is supposed to be a pretty messy bun so I’m using my fingers to backcomb through my hair and just create some texture there and the goal is to make a disheveled bun so I’m going to twist the hair really loosely and then I went to wrap it into the shape of a bun but honestly how ever you do this is going to be perfect even if there’s a little flyaway sticking out and this is a great chance for those of you with shoulder length hair to do a bun because even if it looks a little bit off it’s perfect and a lot of the models had kind of shorter hair.

So I think this could have really worked for you so now that I’ve wrapped everything and pinned it it’s a place we’re ready to move on to our final step which is the bangs and I have an outfit change I realized that this shirt was gonna look better than the other one with this hairstyle so I changed and now I’m going to do the bangs so I’m just going to take this section of hair down and I’m going to split this in half and the runway show they had a really slick portion of hair and I’m going to kind of mimic that so I’m going to separate the hair right next to my face and that’s gonna be my bangs section and everything else I’m going to smooth and tuck behind my ear this isn’t quite as slick as what they did in the show.

But I think that it still adds a little bit of interest to the hairstyle I’m also gonna add in a tiny bit of spray just to make sure everything stays in place then we’re actually gonna do the bangs so I’m actually untape them and very gently backcomb very very slightly and this is just gonna help me to arrange the bangs over my face so I’m gonna hold them off to the side and then pull them over my forehead little pieces at a time until they’re right in the shape that I want them to be this is gonna look disheveled but it’s still gonna give you a great side bang that has a little bit of edge to it once that’s then you’re just gonna tuck it behind your ear if you have a lot of hair left over like I did go ahead and wrap it and incorporate it with the bun and send that in place finally I’m gonna finish everything off with a big sexy hair get layered hairspray this is a really light hold hairspray but it will definitely keep everything in place as the day goes on and that’s it for this hairstyle I love it I honestly think that it’s so pretty especially with sweaters and jackets for fall and like I said it’s gonna be even better as the weather kind of messes with it throughout the day so I hope that you guys liked this hairstyle too make sure to check out lots of beauty and all of their inspiration there they also have more information on how you can use the products that I used in this post and that is it I will see you guys in my next post mwah bye.

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