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Social Support

Your environment defines your success. Does it sound familiar? That means that in order to be successful you need to spend some of your time in a company of people who support and encourage your efforts toward your goal.

Indeed, support is a significant component of Weight Watchers program. Humans are social animals, and weekly group meeting made us feel more accountable for our weight loss efforts. Clearly, people in a group-based program are much more engaged and have a better success rate. Supposedly, group support is also effective for long-term behavioral changes and steady weight loss results.

Usually, schedule of the meeting includes weigh-ins, group discussion about both scale and non-scale problem solving, and sharing best practices. Group membership may vary from week to week, but the leader of the group is a permanent person who has successfully completed Weight Watchers program and received training from the company. Only your group leader and you see what the scales say, so please dont worry about the public humiliating weigh-in.

Also, all Weight Watchers members have access to an online 24/7 Expert Chat. Another innovation in the area of community and support is a phone-based coaching program. You have great opportunity to choose your own personal coach, work through your worksheet and create your own personalized action plan.

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