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Particularly in pregnancy, almost every ethnic group has a special power foods given to expectant and breast-feeding mothers to ensure the extra nutrition they need during this period and mothers whose health is good often report luxurious growth because of taking better care of themselves. Foods given to expectant mothers include things such as millet porridge (high in protein, magnesium, manganese, tryptophan, phosphorus, and serotonin which is mood calming), yams which are high in Vitamin A and C content as well as many minerals (manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, and copper), legumes have high calcium to protect bones and teeth along with other vitamins and minerals and of course milk where this is possible. Often when the baby is born women forget about their own health again and the result is frequent complaints of dramatic hair breakage after childbirth.

Grey hair is most often associated with being old and much of the hair color industry thrives on the stigma associated with grey hair and old age. Women are often nervous about allowing themselves to go grey naturally for fear of looking older and the implications this will have on their social standing and acceptance. Although greying often goes hand in hand with ageing it can also be brought on by other factors.

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In a few cases, extreme stress and illnesses have been known to cause premature greying. Illnesses such as vitiligo, anemia and vitamin B 12 deficiency are all thought to be causes of premature greying. However grey hair is more often dictated by the genes we inherit than by age or illness.

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