One of the best and most feared defencemen of the early game, Eddie Shore once played in the AHL and NHL at the same time, the 1939-40 season, his last as a player. He played all but ten games of his fourteen seasons with Boston, winning his lone Stanley Cup in 1938-39. The Hall of Famer had many a battle with the games best and toughest opponents, and he was both a supreme player and vicious fighter. For all his genuine talent, Shore was a man of superstitions as much as any teammate or opponent who admired or feared him.

EDDIE SHORE Photo Gallery

For instance, he would wear only blue shirts on game day. In the dressing room, he had to have a towel over his chair. Most important, though, was his relationship with assistant trainer Hammy Moore. Moore had to remove Shores sweater after every game. The drill was a simple one. Shore would skate off the ice and into the dressing room, extend his arms, and wait for Moore to peel off the sweater. Every game.

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