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Hey, guys. I’m Abby from LA. And today I’m going to show you how to do what I’m calling the edgy sides pull back. So I’ve worn this hairdo recently in a few posts and everyone’s really responding well to it and asking for a demo. I filmed “The Mom’s View” episode the other day and I wore this hairdo, and they were just totally commenting on it, too. So I thought I better come home and film it and put it up so everyone knows how to do it. So to start with, this is how I wore my hair today. So I’m going to take this out. And I am going to begin by taking just a regular rubber band. And what I’m going to do is from like, the edge of my eyebrows, I’m just going to take my hair and scoop it up and out of the way. And all we’re doing it just pulling it out of the way so that we can work with the hair underneath for the time being.

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OK. So you should have a section of hair from the top of your ears to about where your eyebrows go. I’m going to take a comb, pull these back. Like so. I’ll turn around when I put the rubber band in, so you can see better. I’m just going to take a comb and slick the sides back. Comb them back. And then on these little fly aways, you can use hairspray, which is what I will do. But basically, you’re just getting it really combed back so it’s tight looking against your head. So now I’m going to take some hairspray. Whoa. My hairspray is spraying crooked. Whoa. Comb it just til you get it however you like it and it’s laying pretty flat. Because you want it to look tight against your head. Now I’m going to take a small little teeny elastic and just secure that hair with that small elastic. Best if you use an elastic that matches your hair color, or close. So once you get your elastic in place I can see I still have a fly away right there. There we go. OK. So we’ve got like, the bottom layer done and secured back. So we’re going to let the top down now. And we’re going to section off pretty much from like, just the top part of your forehead back. So I’m going to actually do basically the same little piece I had from my hairdo today. And you really don’t want a ton of hair. So think small little section. Not too thick. And get that out of the way again. So now we’re working with this middle layer. And this part, again we’re going to just pull one side back. Comb it flat. Hairspray as needed. This is a hairdo I like to do like, the day before I wash my hair. Because then I can wash all the hairspray out.

Take a bobby. I’ll turn around so you can see. And I’m just laying the hair over the top of that elastic, and I’m just going to secure it with a bobby pin like so. If you need a second one, you can just do it the opposite direction so they cross over each other. And that secures down that piece of hair. So now I’m going to come and repeat only on this side of my head. Same thing. Comb it flat. And any pieces we still have poking up when we’re done is fine, because we’ll just spray them into place. OK. Again, take a bobby pin turn back around and secure it. This one’s a little harder for me to do, because I’m right handed and I have to reach backwards. OK. So now you see we have this nice flow of hair down the back, and we have hidden our elastic. I know you can see a couple bobby pins, but that’s OK. So top layer. Pull this out. The top layer is where all the magic happens. So now you’re going to rat or tease, whatever you want to call it your hair. If you don’t want to do this, then you can try blow drying it with, like, a round brush back if you’re not a teasing fan. But I’m OK with teasing. So I’m just going to take my hair and just a little bit. It doesn’t have to be tons. You can see mine’s already going to stay up because I had my hair like this earlier today. Anywhere I can see it just is going to fall down.

And then you’re just going to back comb it up and over. And like right here, see how that one wants to fall to the side? I’m just going to back in and tease it just a little bit more so it wants to stay put. OK. Now here’s a little trick. If the teasing doesn’t work and you hair won’t stay exactly where you want it, you can take a little bobby pin and just grab that little tiny piece, that edge right there, and just tuck it down in and then hide that little bobby pin. And that will also help give you that line, that edge, that we want. My hair wants to just fly out of control today. I mean, I could use a lot of hairspray and rat it a lot and it would stay in place, but another way to do it is to just take this bobby pin, grab that little tiny edge, and just tuck it in as far as it’ll go. And that’ll also give you that shape and dimension that you want without a lot of teasing still in your hair. So we pretty much have the look we want. Of course, add hairspray to keep the shape up on top. Now, if I’ve done my job right, when I flip around you really shouldn’t see bobby pins at this point, or at least not a ton. They’re pretty hidden. And you can see that I have like, the slicked back edges. This one ooh. Right in my ear. Right there and right here. There we go. And it gives you that like, hard edge look. And then you just soften it up around the bottom. And there you go. So I love this one because when I’m wearing like, something that’s a little nicer, dressier, but I still want to look just the tiniest bit edgy and young, then this is a really fun hairdo to wear. I’ve seen Maria Menounos wear this hairdo, and Nicole Richie wears this one a lot. I see it on the red carpet, even, where they wear like a really pretty formal dress and then they edge it out just a little bit by doing a little bit more rough looking hair, which is a really fun way to have a unique look. Anyway, hope you enjoy. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think, and we’ll see you guys later.

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