Egg And Mushroom Au Gratin Recipe

Egg And Mushroom Au Gratin Recipe

Cooking Time: about 10 minutes

You will need for 4 servings:

8 eggs lemon juice 2 oz. butter 1 egg 8 oz. mushrooms 1 tablespoon thin 1 pint basic white cream sauce 4 tablespoons grated salt and pepper Parmesan cheese

1 Boil the eggs for 6 minutes only.

2 Shell the eggs and chop coarsely.

3 Heat the butter and cook the sliced mushrooms in it, until just tender.

4 Make the white sauce, add salt and pepper and lemon juice. Cool a little.

5 Mix egg with cream and stir into sauce.

6 Add the eggs and the mushrooms.

7 Pour into a fireproof dish, sprinkle thickly with the cheese and heat through in a moderate oven (350‚°F – Gas Mark 4).

German cheese fart

Cooking Time: 30 minutes You will need for 4 servings:

2 oz. cornflour 1 pint milk

2 eggs

3 oz. grated cheese

2 oz. currants and sultanas, mixed salt and pepper

1 7-in. baked pastry case (87)

Vegetable Dishes

1 Mix the cornflour smoothly with a little of the milk, then stir in the rest of the milk.

2 Add the beaten eggs, cheese and fruit.

3 Pour into the pastry case and bake for about 25-30 minutes in a moderately hot oven (370‚°F – Gas Mark 5).

Vegetables are too often relegated to the role of ‹“supporting cast’ when, in fact, they can hold the centre of the stage themselves. Their success does of course depend on the imagination with which they are prepared and combined. And even if they are only used as accessories, the care with which they are cooked and served can greatly enhance the dish they accompany.

I think you will find both these facts borne out by the recipes which follow.

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